Thas’ Why We Friends!

MNUPioneersIn another installment of the focus on community here at MNU, we will evaluate the simple things. The simple, easily over-looked things can have the most impact.

When someone says, “Hi!” as you walk across campus, when a friend sits to have lunch with you, or you get that uplifting text that hits right where you needed it or maybe even a simple “Happy Birthday”. In the large scheme of spending 4 years here or especially in life, these seem like nothing. However, we don’t always see what’s going on underneath! That, “Hi!” could have come in the midst of an insecure thought about people not caring. Or that text could have been the light when the day seemed so crummy.

I, for one, can attest to all of this. I have and I have seen people put up walls just to see who cares enough to peek over or break through. The simple things are like picking those walls apart one brick at a time. It always seems like when I feel the most down is when people always say, “Hey”, interrupting the attack from the Devil on my mind. Because of the people have treated me, I try to reciprocate the behavior.

Recently, the simple acts like being vulnerable or opening my room to 8th graders for MAX has been so impacting; on myself and them. They see the love of this campus and the Lord and I am filled tremendously! As weighing as it can get, I would not trade putting myself out there for others.

The best part, I’m not the only one. People all over this campus care just like this and even more so. Even when it’s difficult there are people there. Professors, students, visitors who get it, they are willing to put their heart on the line to help and to put forth the effort in the little things.
The next time you see someone walking across campus open a door, say, “What’s up”, or admire the cool Boy Meets World shirt they have! You never know the impact you could have from a simple act.  It’s all about ordinary people doing a little extra and pointing to an extraordinary God. That’s what MNU is about.


Keep on and Keep God,

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