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Joey Alligier


November 14, 2013

The Girls ask the Guys, it’s always a Surprise

November 14, 2013 | By | 6 Comments

Your heart is beating out of your chest, your hands are clammy, the answer seems to be inevitably NO, but you hope for a miracle, questions and concerns involving the “what ifs” are running rampant, breathing is not possible because you forgot how, AHHHHH… welcome to TWIRP week.

The main topic of blogs this week is TWIRP- The Woman Is Required to Pay. It’s obvious that this event can be for those with significant others or someone who is simply eyeballin’. 
The ladies define this as a risky scenario of putting themselves on the front line of the battlefield known as dating. 

A couple of our other bloggers have made it a point to address this. Now from a man’s point of view. 
Here are 4 reasons this time of the year is a bipolar occasion for the fellas as well. 

1) A taste of their own medicine. The ladies get to experience what guys do the other 51 weeks of the year. The fear of rejection, laughter, and possible urination station is experienced on the reg! Us guys go through the “asking out” antics consistently. This is a breathe of fresh air and relaxation for guys to sit back and let the ladies flock….or not. 

2) That awkward moment when… This time could also be a morally convicting one. There are girls that TWIRP you, as we call it, that came out of the woodwork. Basically, you didn’t see it coming! The moral standard is to be a good guy and say yes. However, some guys, like Terrin Garber #shoutout get asked by 3 different girls #hotcommodity and you have to decide if you’re going to be “that guy” and turn the poor girl down or you would feel too bad because you know the taste of rejection all too well.  I would say always say yes, it’s free. Plus, the ratio of good to bad TWIRPs is in the positive’s favor. 

3) In my khaki pants, OH OH OH. The ability to live out the beautiful structure of Relient K’s ever-famous Sadie Hawkins Dance. It’s as simple as that. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to be stopped by a girllll soooo stunning.

4) Chivalry is…? hmmm The ladies pay in this scenario. For some of us dudes, it’s not cool to let the lady pay! We want to be the care taker and open the door and pull out the chair and pay. It’s weird being the one who is receiving the chivalry. While it’s weird, it won’t always be around. My advice: EMBRACE IT MY BROS! 

TWIRP, overall, has got to be a fellas favorite time of year. Beautiful ladies, free stuff, and women experiencing what us men do regularly. 

FELLAS: Wear the clean underwear, fix your hair, for goodness sake shower at least twice this week, BE TWIRP-ABLE
LADIES: Rejection is known by the gentlemen, they feel the pain. Get out there and be stunning to stop the dude in his tracks. 

Keep on and keep God, 

Joey Alligier


  1. Scot

    HAHA love the Reliant K comment. TWIRP….worked out in my favor…..8 years later and 3 kids. I kinda like this idea.

    • Joey Alligier

      It’s old school, defines my childhood Scot! And that’s awesome! I’ve heard some not-so-similar occurrences….

  2. Aubrey Winkler

    I laughed so hard at this, I absolutely love it! so true. you go joey! 😉 get them ladies!

  3. It caught my eye just because i saw the Sadie Hawkins reference in my news feed and I happen to have been listening to that song lately. I think its a cool Idea. my only problem is my guy is miles away. But come on Girls should do this more than for a week once a year. If Girl ask Girl pays guy asks Guy pays.. I mean come on girls get mad now when they are treated unequally but then they expect the same treatment of guy doing all the work.. Doesn’t sound right. Girls why not start stepping up and do something nice for your guy more than once a year for a week.

  4. Terrin

    I appreciate the shoutout bro…
    some fellas use this time to ask girls on dates :p

  5. Joey Alligier

    Thanks Aubrey!! And you know how I do….kinda….not really.
    Terrin, youz welcome! And that’s quality right there 😉
    Jordan, shoot girl PREACH. I think that be cool sometimes for that to happen. I mean, cheesy is my number one love language lol
    TELL EM!

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