The Journey that is Paving the Rest

It’s hard to believe that barely over a month ago God opened the door of possibility for myself to join 9 amazing people on a journey to change the lives of many Haitian people in Cascade Pichon. Little did I know, none of us would come back the same.

Here is the video that started it all!
Faith that Moves Mountains

The response to this video was out of this world and exceeded EVERY expectation. The power of God was proven without a doubt. His glory shone through the people He has placed around me. You could tell that they truly desired God’s will! I received donations from friends and people that I didn’t really know too well. This all helped me pay for shots and actually support others on the trip! The craziest God moment was when my church congregation back home donated $1,300 and the church itself allocated a $700 missions fund, just to me. Once again I say, the response exceeded every preconception and expectation in giving support, monetarily, and spiritually. I had 14 days to raise the money and it happened in 5.  Our God is GOOD; beyond belief!

So the journey takes another step and starts to get real. Words really cannot describe what happened there and how it affected me and what I desire now. I witnessed many different types of people and situations encompassed within this one country. I met amazing people and amazing goals were set, all while inside the hand of God!

Here’s a brief review of the journey that left an impact.
Lives Changed from Changing Lives

What’s the next step?  How do we continue the reach to the broken? Cascade Pichon is in need of a school. So, what do 9 spirit led, passionate young adults do? We decide to take on a $100,000 project; God willing. The details are currently fuzzy, but we are all pretty dead set on making this happen! Feel free to ask questions revolving the topic! There will definitely be more news, events to come about events and other opportunities!

The journey that was had in Haiti has left 10 Americans and numerous Haitian lives impacted forever. The opportunity presented, the passion revealed, and the path appearing. The 9 days residing in this poor, struggling, broken country has set the standard. It truly is the journey that is paving the rest of this year, the visits to Haiti, and even futures.

(Do the best you can with what you have)

Keep on and keep God,


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