The one where the hills come alive with the sound of music!

This past weekend was my first personal trip of the semester. And I loved it. Hannah Swearengin, Hayley Pankratz, Erin Knocke, and I got up super early to catch a bus, then a train, then another train, and then finally hours later arrived in Salzburg, Austria. The train ride there was beautiful. The scenery that we traveled through was incredible. After we arrived we wandered around for awhile until eventually finding our hostel. Yes we stayed in a youth hostel. And yes it was awesome.

The next day we went to multiple museums such as Mozart’s birthplace and his residence. We also did some shopping through Old Town and along the river as well. We ate a cafe, enjoyed one of Salzburg’s original apfelstrudel (apple strudel). Delicious. That night we got in late and hung out in the lounge area at the hostel and we met other travelers that were our age. That was so cool. We ended up getting to know three guys in particular pretty well. Darcey, Will, and Max were about our age and they were on a one and a half journey around Europe before going back to London where they worked for some outdoor recreation place. Darcey and Will were actually from Australia and Max from Germany but they all met at this place where they had to decided to work at until moving on to college or going home. They were a blast.

The third day that we were there we went on the Sound of Music Tour. That was so much fun. We got to see where the movie was filmed and where all the scenes took place. For example, we saw the house that was used, the gazebo, the lake, the path Maria skipped down, the church where the wedding took place, the Abbey, and many other places. We got to hear interesting facts and behind the scene stories from the movie and about the actors. For the way home we got a train, rode it for multiple hours, got off and on another train, rode it for an hour, then finally got home…uh home?…wow how crazy is that for me to say home and mean Switzerland. So cool. Yet I do know where my real home is. (that’s for my mom) 🙂

Well first personal trip done and a success. I had such a great time with the girls that were with me and we made so many amazing memories. Tomorrow we leave for Taize, France so get ready for that next!

Learn some new things today:

  • Mirabell means beautiful, lovely, wondrous in Italian. And the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg were used in the Sound of Music.
  • Salzburg means ‘salt castle.’
  • In the Middle Ages salt was called the white gold.
  • A dirndl (landhausmode) is the traditional dress for women worn especially in Germany, Austria, Bavaria, South Tyrol, and Liechtenstein. Based on the historical costume of the Alpine peasants. Where the bow is tied around her waste shows status: Middle front- still a young girl. Left front- single/available. Right front- married. Back- widowed.
  • The edelweiss is the flower of Austria. It grows up in the mountains and can be very hard to get to. In the old days if a young man wanted to show his love and valor he would hike up and pick an edelweiss for his girl.
  • Europeans wear their engagement rings on the left hand and then they switch it to their right hand when they get married. And guys wear engagement rings as well.



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