The one where we go hiking across the SWISS ALPS.

We went hiking through the Swiss Alps for our PE class….how sick is that.–yeah pretty sick right?! This was most definitely one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. We road trains to Stoos and then had to ride cable cars and then ski lifts (yes ski lifts) to the top of these massive mountains! It was the most breath-taking place I have ever been in my life. No doubt. The pictures that we have do not come close to its beauty. It is an experience that you have to actually be there to comprehend the magnificence.

We saw the land where Switzerland originated and that was so neat to learn about. The hike that we did was called The Blade. It got this name of its drop off slopes on both sides of the path. We hiked across the Swiss Alps on a trail called The Blade that was only about three feet wide. And yes- that is incredibly cool.  The hike was three hours long and I wanted it to never end. A small group of us have already discussed going back and doing it again on a free day. WAIT- did I just say that in my free time I’m going to go hiking through the Swiss Alps? Why yes I sure did. 🙂

This experience has been so life changing and I cannot wait to see what it will bring in the next two months!

Learn something new today:  The spiral ramps in castles or structures go clockwise for fighting purposes. It gives the native the advantage as they fight because it gives them bigger space for the hand and sword. While the enemy coming up has the opposite smaller space and the disadvantage.

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  • I think that picture of the Alps looks a lot like Kansas. 🙂 Having a PE class that hikes through the Alps has to be pretty nice. I’m glad you are having such a good time.

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