The one where we walk with sticks.

This past week has definitely been my favorite! Guess why– it was PE week! Brad King and his wife came over from MNU and got to spend time with us in Paris as well as play some super fun games and do interesting activities. We played badminton which was so much fun! (Ty and I dominated-just sayin) Then we go to rock climbing and high wires/ropes courses. Yesterday we played disc golf and ultimate frisbee. After the class session was over there were six of us that wanted to keep playing and our game got pretty intense. Lauren, Ty, and I won!

Today for our activity we learned the art of Nordic walking. We had a lady that we knew from our village come and teach us the right way to do it and give us insight on the advantages that the Nordic technique has over just normal walking without sticks. We were all a little skeptical at first–I mean really..walking with much different or beneficial could that be? But surprisingly a few of us picked up on it really well and loved it! We are looking forward to hopefully getting a set of walking sticks and doing it when we get back to the states.

Nordic walking became first known around 1930’s but it did not get popular in the area here until about 15-20 years ago. After using the sticks and then going to regular walking you can really tell what the sticks actually do. When properly Nordic walking you use 80% or more of the muscles in your body! And the amount of calories you burn is outrageous.

We have had such an amazing week with Brad and Deb and we wish that they didn’t have to leave. But the time that we have had has been incredible. Tomorrow is our last PE session and it will be 12 hour day of traveling and hiking through the ALPS! We start bright and early at 7 to catch the train. Should be a truly insane experience! CANNOT WAIT.

Learn something new today: The pulpit in the church was pushed to the side because the center of the faith was the communion-table of Christ. But then when Sola Scriptura came about the pulpit was put in the middle and the altars (the table for communion) was pushed to the sides because the scripture (God’s Word) became the center of the faith.

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    • Thanks Mike! And yes it is so great here and I have just been loving it! Nordic walking was so much much. Me and two other girls do it with a lady from here every week and she let us keep a pair of sticks so that we could do it whenever we wanted as well.

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