The Ships of Relation

Relationship: Ring by spring baby!


Ahhhh, the beautiful S.S. Relation. Some are more party cruise ships, maybe one like the ship above (partially majestic, functional, and the destination acquired) or maybe just a row boat for one. As detailed as we could get about the way parts of a ship could reflect the many different facets presented in the realm of relationships, let’s just focus on what’s true and what may be something that we’ve just picked up along the way. In today’s society there are numerous misconceptions and unspoken rules that may cause quite the blunder at times.

If you’ve seen the vlog by my fellow blogger and hilarious friend Allegra featuring my good bro Andy, you know that MidAmerica has it’s own rules, regulations, and guidelines. My personal favorite, even though I have experienced it, is the “3 strikes and you’re in” rule. If you are seen around Campus, alone, with an acquaintance of the opposite sex you are automatically associated as a Facebook official couple, or at least very close to it. While this is typically incorrect, it gives free reign for friends to rag on you and point out what you already know happened and really have no idea how they found out (even though this is normally a positive happening). The guys probably take it to a higher extreme as compared to the girls, because let’s face it, that’s what guys do in relation to things from a sale at Taco Bell to an intense Intramural basketball game. As a freshman, I have fallen victim to this rule even though nothing was official.

Even though I have not officially gotten into a relationship here, the atmosphere and environment has helped me grow more than I had realized even before the past two days. Seeing positives and negatives, being challenged by Christ, and having to make decisions on my own are preparing me for the rest of my life.

Sometimes one grows weary trying to fight worldly inhibitions and selfish desires related to relationships. I believe these are often (and have been affirmed to the fact) personal boundaries set and nothing should hold you back from something that might change everything. All of this was put into perspective in a talk that I had with a few friends on Sunday night about certain situations and people. The best part of all of it was knowing these are my bros and they have my back.

Relationships can get messy, difficult, and flooded with emotions. In these times it is crucial to seek God and the guidance from people with an outside perspective. As someone who has recently been told they are introspective it is difficult to take a step back and evaluate as typically I am engulfed in one area that catches my attention. Instead of resembling me, aim to resemble Christ. He is the perfect propitiation of relationship and what love should look like.

Never let the world’s views determine the tint of the glasses you look at your surroundings with; in life in general and definitely relationships. You may miss an upcoming opportunity or you may never realize something or someone that has been there while you pursued the less important things of this life.

Relationship: The perfect out-showing of Christ’s love within us despite worldly, selfish, or short-term inhibitions.

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