Theatre Banquet

Every year the theatre professors at MNU host a beautiful Theatre Banquet in Bell. It is held at the very end of the school year and awards are given out. But the main reason MNU students get giddy with excitement about the theatre banquet is that at the banquet they announce next school years shows. Its a big ordeal and we go all out for it. This years banquet theme was Masquerade…

Selfie with Elisa and Catherine at the banquet

Here’s an adorable picture of some of the gals getting ready in the green room before the banquet.

A quick photo of all the gals getting ready before the banquet

You’re still scrolling because you wanna know what next years shows are don’t you?? Well hold on a second I’ve got more fabulous pictures…

I love this picture because it is with my two freshman that helped me with my baking with freshman vlog a couple months ago. Dana and Christian are on MNU’s impov team with me and Christian was in BOTH shows this past school year!

Elisa, Dana, and Christian pose for a picture together at the banquet.



Many people smile for a banquet selfie

This year I was honored to receive the award for Outstanding Performance for the role of Lucy in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Other awards given out this year were: Outstanding Improviser, Freshman of the Year, Rookie Performance of the year, Techie of the Year, and the Senior Spotlight Award.

I am so excited for next years show! Seriously y’all they are gonna be so good! In the fall we are doing a community wide version of Into the Wood and in the Spring we are doing Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare in our Blackbox Theatre. I, being a musical theatre geek, am ecstatic about Into the Woods. I cannot wait to get started with that show!

A picture of Kristen and Elisa starring at each other. The meme says, "the moment your realize you both want the same role"


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