I noticed that a great Spring Break comes with a lot of consequences. Struggling with no motivation and an increased need for sleep, the biggest consequence for me is wanderlust. It is the opposite of homesickness meaning I want to go see places. Now, I am stuck here for another month before I can go travel again. The other day, I already looked up hotels for next spring break.

The reason why I feel like I am trapped in Kansas is because my spring break was out of the book. I had such a great time and really made the most out of it. I collected some of the greatest pictures to summarize my adventure.

Day 1

On the first day, we visited Surf Beach which is right in Lompoc. As you can see the weather was beautiful! I walked across the beach bare feet and ditched some stones on the waves. It truly was a relaxing start for the week. Later that day, friends came over to the house and we made chicken, beef, and shrimp tacos which stands for the sky, the earth and the water.

Train tracks right next to the beach

The train tracks go along the whole coast. I suggest that if you go by Amtrak to get off in Lompoc and visit this beach 😉

Day 2

The second day, we went to Pismo Beach. It is so beautiful and shows California in its full beauty. We collected clams and other things. One of the best parts was that at the end of the beach, there were caves in which the waves occasionally went through and old stairs carved into the stone. We stayed until the sun went down.

I am touching the ceiling of the cave

A cave that was washed out by the waves in the stone cliffs

The stairs are carved into the cliff

Everyone is chilling on the stairs that already broke off on the bottom

Day 3

This day, we went to Jalama Beach which is hidden between hills. We had to take a 20 minute steep road that goes through hills until we finally reached the beach. The beach itself was covered in fog, but it was still great to take pictures and find shells. Afterwards, we went to another beach called Vista Point. Before you get to the beach you have to hike down a little path which was really exciting. At this beach, we found a lot of sea life – I think it was so cool and interesting.

Train tracks that lead into the fog. You can barely see anything except for the bridge

It was so foggy that this bridge basically becomes invisible. A few moments after I took this picture a train came by and drove over it

A huge purple sea star that is on top of a stone

I was able to capture this great picture ofa living sea star we found on the beach

A pelicane that sits on the edge of a stone right next to the waves

We got really close to this pelicane so I could take a picture. I flew off right afterwards

Day 4

We had some good local breakfast before we went to Santa Barbara – one of the prettiest cities I have been to shop. The street look so neat and the main street, state street, leads directly to the water where there is a long pier. There are volleyball courts and a long trail for people to walk or skate on. What I love the most is that there are a bunch of palm trees along the cost and in the background, you can see the mountains. Also, at the same time we were there, they had a market with fresh products from the surrounding. I immediately had to buy strawberries – my favorite fruit.

A statue in front of a wall with a mural. It is a man with a little kid on his shoulders

Santa Barbara is full of statues that you might mistake with real people. So cute!

A sand sculpture of a person enjoying the sun

A funny sand sculpture at the beach. A little bit farther was a piece of pepperoni pizza

Day 5

On the last day, we went on a 7 mile hike called Gaviota Peak. It seemed like it took forever to get all the way up. It was very steep and rocky. For someone who only takes stair to get to the second floor, it was quite a journey. The only reward I had was that I was able to bath in a natural hot spring afterwards.

A picture of the view from the top

On the top you are even above the clouds… the reason for my sunburn

A box on top of the mountain

We made it to the top! We had to leave a note in this box at an elevation of 2458 ft

After this great trip, I have the urge to visit so many more places. I could make an endless list of things I want to see and explore. If I could just wander off…

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