My Week In A Glance (In Pictures)

My week has been packed with things which was a pleasant change from being sick for a whole week before that. Instead of writing a ton of words here like usually, I thought I would just post a bunch of pictures to show you what my week was like.  I had the idea because MNU’s website has this handy function of showing you a whole week in advance (you just have to chose a certain week). It is really good to print out schedules and see what your classes look like. Also, not only is this blog more interesting than reading, but I feel like I can show you every aspect of my student life:


It is a beach with palms in black and white. It will become a stencil on Tuesday.

This is a picture of my next screen printing project. Together with the car it forms a print with two colors. I created it on Photoshop and I think it will look great. On Tuesday, I will expose it to light to create a stencil and start the print with the first color.

This VW bus will be in the front with another color. Any suggestions for colors?


Dr. Gough is explaining echnage rates in International Business and brought candy to show how much a dollar can buy when it is either strong or weak towards another currency.

You can see the color website that shows different shades of green

I finished my web design project that I am really proud of. We had to create a website with HTML with several sites that display different shades of a color.


All the tables are set for the fine arts event

As a team we sometimes have to work banquets. That way we can make some extra money for gear and trips. We work with the cafeteria staff and set up tables, prepare desserts, and clean up afterwards. This banquet was for the fine arts weekend in Bell Center

The chocolate and carrot cakes are on the table after we prepared them for the banquet. Riley is in the background.

Riley is making sure that all the cakes point in the same direction, have cream, strawberries, and a mint leaf!

Making silly faces in the kitchen while preparing the dessert

When the squad makes the best cakes and they all look the same you have to take a picture! With Anesa, Riley, and Dani (Alex is taking the picture)

As a Graphic Design Minor, we were supposed to attend this presentation by a MNU alumni who had a really interesting career


On the weekend, I get the chnace to cook, so I made typical German dinner: green kale with fried potatoes, sausages and smoked pork chops

Blue garn and the start of a scarf

I bought garn and needles to teach myself how to knit. It will be part of my project for the class Communication in the Digital World where we have to create a blog (another one lol). I will share DIY projects on it, but first I have to creat something on my own 😉


Carlos is selecting the females from the sample of flies

I filmed Carlos for my next video project. He has to do an experiment with fruit flies to explore their genetics. It is a very complicated process of collecting and crossing the right flies. He has to distinguish between white and red eyed flies and female and male.

Three tubes with sugar in the bottom that serves as food. You can barely see the flies that are captured inside

Those tubes contain the different kind of flies that are mating in the “fridge”

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