What if I can’t see?

Imagine you are driving. It’s been quite a drive and you’re a little antsy to get where you’re going. The conditions aren’t the best. Sorta foggy, it’s beginning to drizzle. It’s near nightfall and you think you’re getting lost. O and you’re blindfolded. There are so many options on which way to go, what road to venture down. What do you choose?

This is life. Whatever “car” we’ve been given or decided to try and use to get going. Some of us have a Lexus or a 2012 Ford Fusion. While others may drive something along the lines of an 88 Ford Crown Victoria. The car we take may decide the level of difficulty at times, but our life situations do not decide our outcome.

We come to a point in life where there are decisions to be made. Whether it be concerning relationships, schools, and other possible paths of life. It is never an easy decision, but what worth effort comes cheap? Our salvation came at a high cost, school often comes at a very high price, success in which ever facet you want it in comes with work. What we often neglect is that we don’t have to fight alone. School has teachers/tutors and success is often accompanied by people who care. The same is applicable in our drives as Christians. We can get people to be our back seat navigators or when life gets that hard and it’s necessary, be our tow truck.

Don’t forget that failure is okay. It only reveals correction and answers for next time. As Paul sort of asks, “Does that mean we should continue to fail?” Of course not! A set back is a set up for a comeback! Throughout the Bible we see failure, but reasoning, guidance, and purpose behind it! Does this mean getting back up after you’ve fallen the 18th time is gonna be cake? NOPE. BUT, as the movie Soul Surfer cares to share, “I don’t need easy, just possible.”


So, back to our car ride. The road is life. It’s long and dreary sometimes. We are all wanting to get somewhere we are not. The conditions are the failures we get to face, the ones we can choose to address and adjust our skills to or let them throw us off. It’s foggy because we don’t know what’s next. A hill, mountain, sharp turn, or curve may be lurking beyond our 5 foot eye-sight range. The rain that starts is often when it gets the hardest. We begin to lose sight and try all that we can to get it off ASAP. Life is getting dark, due to all that’s already come at you, you lose hope and don’t know where to turn. You may wonder how you are driving successfully at all with a blindfold on, right? Well, that’s because you have made the decision to put it on! Follow me here 🙂 You do have friends that can be in the backseat, but only One can have control of the wheel, if you let Him. Jesus is your guide, He knows the twists and turns coming. So, you gave Him the wheel and trusted Him by putting on the blindfold. So does it really matter if you can’t see? After all, faith is hope in the unseen.

Keep on and keep God my friends,


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