When You Get A Break…

As an exchange students, breaks mean that you finally get to go and explore on your own. Although Kansas and MNU is an adventure itself, the real fun begins when I have to book flights and plan trips by myself. It is about the balance of planning in advance and being spontaneous in exploring places I have never seen before. It is also about looking at school from a different perspective.

Spring Break 2017

This year, I booked a flight to California -where my boyfriend’s family lives – to visit them. Although I have been there before, there are still many things left we haven’t done or seen yet. We love beaches for example. That’s why we said that every morning we would visit a different beach. It is so nice to see something else than flat Kansas! The ocean is really distracting and calming. I discovered that during the time here, I have used my phone less (even forgot to take it with me at times) which had a really positive and relaxing impact on me. I was fortunate enough to not have to bring homework and for the first time, my thoughts are not with school, grades, or fitness. At the same time, I get to travel, meet new people, and have fun!
It seems kind of absurd to have a break after only two and half months, but I really believe that it makes us more productive. After realizing the things above, I am able to focus on what I want in school and how to achieve it. The break helps me to step back and reposition myself which was not possible during school because I couldn’t find the time and my life was too chaotic and busy.

The beach with the hills in the background

Pismo Beach – my favorite beach

How to relax

I sometimes find it hard to relax. All I do is worry about the next test, the next homework, or the next practice. It just builds up like a wall. This time I forced myself to be completely in the moment and it has helped me a lot! It made the adventure more exciting and memorable than it would be if I was too invested in something else.
I hope you can relate to this and found your own way to get away from school!

So far, I have been to four different beaches and enjoyed 70 degrees weather. Stay tuned for next week’s blog for a bunch of great pictures and more details of the trip!

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