The one where the men serve the ladies.

I know that some of you women are probably thinking that they should be  serving us everyday…and I can’t say that I want to disagree with you. But at MNU we have a special night set aside for it. It’s called Ladies Night.

We had this glorious evening just a few nights ago on Tuesday. We all get dressed up real fancy like and head on over to campus center or the tipping point. We are greeted at the door and escorted in by a lovely gentlemen and seated at a table with your friends. The waiters then approach welcoming us and inquiring about our drink order and choice of dessert. I personally chose to combine all of the desserts into one. A chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream, topped with caramel or chocolate syrup, and covered with gummy bears or reese’s pieces. The night is filled with live music, compliments, smiles, and lots of pictures!

It really is a fun event and it is nice to get dressed up and have a fancy evening with all of your friends. And it’s not bad having the guys wait on you hand and foot and shower you with compliments either. 😉

Learn something new today:  Don’t try to teach a man how to do something in public. They are okay with learning in private ; but in public they have to “already know!”  #malepride

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