“Winter Is Coming!” The Forecast Said, So Where in the World Is It?

This week, we all were about to go to Nebraska to compete at one of the best college tracks in the country. Sadly though, the weather forecast for this very same weekend showed that a major ice-storm would hit us by yesterday. Fortunately, as any good 21st century, politically correct institution would act, our incredible trip was cancelled. As we all can see from our windows, the horrendous snowstorm we have been warned before has not showed up yet. So, instead of kicking some behinds in Nebraska, here I am sitting in my living room asking myself, “How come that we have put a man on the moon, and yet we are incapable of accurately predicting the weather.

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Nevertheless, to every bad event there is always a bright side. Thanks to this one, I could see how it looks like when Americans panic. Black Friday was nothing compared to yesterday afternoon at Walmart. People were stocking their carts with supplies for weeks. The question is if they were preparing for the storm, or for whatever happens after Mr. Trump takes the oval office. In every way, whether they were getting ready for the former or the latter, they were overreacting.Craziness at Walmart

On a more general tone, I think that the American society is spoiled and too cautious about (un)serious issues. Schools close when there is a theoretical chance of storm, practices get cancelled when there is a lightning ten miles away, mainstream media get all fired up when republicans secretly cancel the US Ethics Committee. To all of this, I say that storms come and go, the chance that a lightning strikes a person is 1 : 280,000, and the US Ethics Committee was worthless anyway because no politician practises ethics anymore.


Finally, I would like to submit a proposal called: “Man up America”. Show the world you can handle a couple snowflakes in the streets. Show that you are not afraid of getting wet at practice, and that you can cope with an orange guy in the White House. It is important to get tougher, because the winter is trumping!

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