July 23, 2013

At MNU Homecoming 2013, two guests of honor will be recognized for their influence on the lives of students and the world of missions. Frank Moore (’73), PhD, was an influential faculty member of MNU’s religion division from 1985 to 1998, including serving as division chair. He then served as vice president for academic affairs for a decade. Sue (Potter ’75) Moore, EdD, was a professor of education at MNU from 1990 to 2008. Since 2008, Frank and Sue have served at Olivet Nazarene University.

For sixteen years, the Moores led MNU international student mission trips through the College and University Students Serving and Enabling (CAUSE) program. At that time, CAUSE trips involved students from all of the Nazarene colleges and universities, and Frank was instrumental in setting up and coordinating those trips.

The Moores' first CAUSE trip was in 1986 to Honduras. Over the next 16 years, more than 300 MNU students learned from Frank and Sue’s leadership and example. After visiting 12 countries, the couple, along with their son, Brent (’00), PhD, (who started traveling with his parents at age nine and is now a professor at MNU’s Liberty site), put their passion to serve to work.

“Frank was incredible at inspiring students to have these experiences,” says Vice President for University Advancement Jon North ('92, MBA '94), who traveled with the Moores to Guyana in 1989 and to Costa Rica in 1990. “There are many missionaries and others serving the Lord now because Frank exposed them to an international worldview.”

Beyond leading the groups, Frank did much of the coordination and logistics himself. He recruited team members, coordinated travel, facilitated building projects in the field, found funding and more.

Allen and Madeline Tollefson, construction business owners from Lecompton, Kan., joined the Moores in 1988 along with their son Cary Murphy, who participated in the trip to Belize. The Tollefsons and the Moores became good friends, and the Tollefsons went on to participate in 13 of the 16 trips and donate significant funding for many of them.

The Moores will receive special recognition at Homecoming when Director of Alumni Relations Kevin Garber ('89) officially unveils an alumni mission trip commissioned in honor of Frank and Sue. MNU's 300-plus CAUSE trip alumni, along with all MNU alumni and friends, are invited to participate in the trip to Haiti May 24-June 1, 2014. The trip coincides with MNU’s student-led 2013-2014 Passion to Serve project led by MNU student Dylan Aebersold. Both groups will work to build a school in Haiti. Leaders for the alumni group include North and Garber. Frank, Sue and Brent Moore will participate, as will alumni hosts Alan and Madeline Tollefson.

Garber says MNU is privileged to continue working with the Moores.

“Frank and Sue were pioneers of the mission trip concept for Nazarene higher education, and have affected hundreds of lives for the kingdom,” he said.