March. 25, 2013

Meet Pioneer Pete

Various versions of Pioneer Pete have been around MNU since the 1970s. Perhaps you remember the student who dressed in a coonskin cap and pioneer attire for home football games in the 1970s and 80s.  Some called him Pioneer Pete. Graphic treatments of a pioneer man have been used in MANC and MNU gear through the years, but he’s never been our official mascot until now.

In 2010, the MNU Branding Committee oversaw the creation of the current MNU athletic icon which depicts a pioneer man's head and shoulders. Thanks to an idea of a mascot and a gift from the class of 2011 along with other departments at MNU, the university began to acquire sketches of a physical mascot.

In 2012, a campus-wide vote was held between two sketches, and this Pioneer Pete was adopted as MNU's first official mascot. Pete was officially unveiled Feb. 23 at the final home basketball game of the season.