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Accelerated Associate of Arts Degree at MidAmerica Nazarene University

Olathe Course Schedule and Descriptions

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Fall 2014

plusaGNBS 3143 Anchored Leadership in the Face of Chaos (Online)

plusaGNHI 3013 Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire (Online)

plusaGNBS 4053 Managing the Control Process (Accelerated Evening)

plusaGNEC 1553 Personal Finance (Online)

plusaGNST 1153 Project S.U.R.E. (Accelerated Evening)

plusaGNCJ 1053 Crime and Community (Accelerated Evening)

plusaGNEN 1253 English Composition I (Accelerated Evening)

plusaGNBS 3093 Principles of Supervision (Weekend)

plusaGNPY 4703 The Helping Relationship (Weekend)

plusaGNMA 0123 Introduction to Algebra (Accelerated Evening; 6pm – 8: 30pm)

plusaGNHI 3023 Epitome of Evil: Hitler, Nazi Germany, and the Holocaust (Accelerated Evening)

plusaGNMA 1163 Intermediate Algebra (Online)

plusaGNST 4702 Personality Type in the Workplace (Weekend; 2 credit hours)

plusaGNPY 4803 Creativity and Innovation (Accelerated Evening)

plusaGNPH 1053 Philosophy of Life and Meaning in the 21st Century (Online)

plusaGNST 3142 Foundations for Strengths-Based Teams (Weekend; 2 credit hours)

plusaGNBS 4032 Behavioral Interviewing (Weekend; 2 credit hours)

plusaGNPH 2153 Critical Thinking (Weekend)

plusaGNAT 1053 Art Concepts and Applications (Accelerated Morning; 9am to noon)

plusaGNBL 2253 Discovering the New Testament (Accelerated Evening)

plusaGNSO 3103 Consumerism and Society (Online)

plusaGNEN 2353 Heroes in Early British Literature (Online)

plusaGNST 3042 Building Strengths-Based Teams (Weekend; 2 credit hours)

plusaGNSI 3073 CSI: The Science Behind Discovering Truth (Weekend)

plusaGNCO 1053 Public Speaking: College and Career (Accelerated Evening)

plusaGNST 2153 Making Information Work for You (Accelerated Evening)

plusaGNBS 3053 Leadership: Discovering Your Purpose (Weekend)

plusaGNAE 3103 Living and Learning: Documenting Life Experiences for College Credit (Online)

plusaGNHI 2353 American Freedom: The 1960s (Accelerated Evening)

plusaGNSO 1053 Intro to Sociology (Weekend)

plusaGNMA 1153 Algebraic Concepts and Applications (Accelerated Evening; 6pm – 8:30pm)

plusaGNBS 4063 Strategic Decision Making (Online)

plusaGNBS 3142 Sociology of Business (Weekend; 2 credit hours)

plusaGNPS 2053 American Government and Politics (Online)

plusaGNBS 3022 Managing Time & Multiple Projects (Weekend; 2 credit hours)

plusaGNPE 2153 Coaching/Sportsmanship (Weekend)

plusaGNBS 3263 Leadership Messages: Communication, Conflict, and Collaboration (Online)

plusaGNSO 2053 Marriage and Family (Weekend)

plusaGNBS 3033 Organizational Stress Management (Weekend)

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