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The MNU SERVEteams are a bridge between the University and the churches. Select teams of MNU students travel to youth camps, churches and other community events performing a variety of services during the year. You can book any of our SERVEteams to entertain your congregation. We are currently forming new teams for summer 2015. If you wish to participate on a SERVEteam, please apply below.

Apostolos Student Preaching Ministry

The Apostolos Student Preaching Ministry's purpose is to connect student preachers to regional congregations and to provide our students with practical experience that will enhance their education here at MNU. The churches in turn, are given the opportunity to hear scripture taught from MNU student leaders and to connect with the recipients of their generosity to the University. At MNU we constantly desire to find new ways to better connect the University and its students with the churches across the region and we believe that both will benefit greatly as the church-university relationship grows and develops.

Any church on the North Central Region is invited to request a member of Apostolos—one sent as a messenger—to preach in their local church. We ask that requests be placed at least a month in advance to allow the proper preparation and arrangements to be made.

To request Apostolos for an event fill out the SERVEteam Request Form.

Apply to become a member of the Apostolos.

Action Pact

Action Pact is MNU’s traveling improv team this academic year. This eight-member team performs games and scenes based on audience suggestions, often creating lots of laughter. Improv is great for youth events, banquets, receptions, parties and retreats. Action Pact can also be an exciting addition to normal Sunday morning services. The team also performs scripted skits with deep meaning on a variety of issues. Performances can run 15 minutes to two hours based on need.

To request Action Pact for an event fill out the SERVEteam Request Form.

Apply to become a member of an MNU SERVEteam.

Worship Band & Vocal Ensemble

MNU’s worship band and vocal ensemble SERVEteams are comprised of 4-6 students who serve in worship services, youth events, and camps by embracing a variety of musical styles. The team members are also skilled in youth camp counseling and activity leadership. These groups will travel throughout the summer months from June to August.

To request The Worship Band for an event fill out the SERVEteam Request Form.

Apply to become a member of an MNU SERVEteam.

The Sponsor Team

The Sponsor Team is a group of MNU students who primarily serve at camps and churches throughout the summer months. This team of servant leaders exists to develop strong relationships with North-Central Region students by partnering with the ongoing ministries of camps and churches. This includes teaching, games, counseling, cabin duty, leading small groups, and other responsibilities as needed. This team is flexible in any environment and can adapt to the needs of various ministries.

To request The Sponsor Team for an event fill out the SERVEteam Request Form.

Apply to become a member of the MNU Sponsor Team.


Church Relations is now accepting applications for 2015 SERVEteams. Applications are due January 30, auditions will be held February 16-19 and travel will begin mid-May.

If you have any questions contact us at or 913.971.3356.

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