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Note: SERVEteams are committed to a specific week of the month during the academic year. If you have a group preference, please indicate that preference in the Additional Comments section below.

Information for Hosts

We ask that you partner with us in keeping SERVEteams and Faculty Servants available to local churches by planning to provide comfortable lodging in homes or hotels and food during the time they serve your church. We also ask that you contribute to travel expenses by paying for gas. You can estimate our gasoline expenses by calculating the mileage from the university to your church and dividing by two—half the number of miles to our destination is roughly equivalent to the dollars it costs to buy gas. For example, if it is 100 miles to your church, it will cost about $50 for us to get to your church and back home again.

If travel expenses are not within your church’s means, we suggest that you consider partnering with one or more other local churches in your event or apply for a travel grant from MNU. We want to visit every church that would like to host us!

You are welcome to take a love offering in addition to expenses and to specify whether you would like that money to be used for scholarships by the university, a student mission project or to thank the students or faculty members who have served your church. All checks should be made payable to MNU. If you are designating funds above the travel expenses, please note this in the memo line of the check.

You will receive a phone call or email to confirm or negotiate your request within one business day of receiving this online form. You can check the MNU Church Relations Calendar to make sure the date you have requested is showing. You can also request a link to this calendar for your church webpage.

Thank you for allowing us to be a partner in your church ministry!