MidAmerica Nazarene University has proud traditions and high standards for its students. The members of the MNU SERVEteams are expected to be exemplary in their commitment to the institution, its tradition, and its standards. The tradition of talented student music groups representing MNU dates back to the beginning of the institution.

Members of SERVEteams minister to people, recruit new students, build good relationships, encourage churches, officially represent the university to our constituency, provide information about the university, travel thousands of miles and have the experience of a lifetime.

Members are selected through open auditions for which the following eligibility requirements have been established. The office of Church Relations reserves the right to open and/or close auditions as deemed necessary.

All candidates for SERVEteams must:

  1. As someone applying to be a part of the SERVEteam ministry, I verify that I:
    1. Have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and testify to a growing relationship.
    2. I am a current student (12-hour minimum) in good standing (minimum 2.5 GPA).
    3. Agree to remain in on-campus housing for the duration of this contract.
    4. Commit to the necessary travel & flexibility of schedule required for the contract period.
  2. I am seeking to be a man/woman of God. I desire for my actions to reflect the highest standards of a minister of God and choose to be under the spotlight that comes along with a position on an MNU SERVEteam.
  3. I commit to uphold the standards and values of MNU, including the Community Covenant, in both letter and spirit – even if my personal beliefs differ from the policies of the university.
  4. I recognize that servanthood is central to choosing to participate in an MNU SERVEteam, and that in many situations I must choose to put aside my personal desires in order to help those we will serve and my team.
  5. I pledge to respect the leadership of the university and the SERVEteam, and am willing to take full responsibility for my attitude and actions. If I have concerns, I will take the initiative to go to my team leadership and the leadership of Church Relations to find a resolution.
  6. I am committed to the performance excellence of my team. I understand that this commitment will require preparation, and sometimes many rehearsals in a week – especially in the beginning when we are preparing for the summer.
  7. Submit a completed Peer Character Reference.
  8. Submit a completed Faculty or Staff Character Reference.

Please note that you must be a current residential student during the 2016-2017 school year to apply for the 2017-2018 SERVEteams.

If you have any questions please contact Kevin Borger at kgborger@mnu.edu or 913.971.3390 or Kayla Cook at kmcook@mnu.edu or 913.971.3356

*Denotes a required field.

(students must have a 2.5 min GPA to apply)
Please list ministries in your home church as well as on campus.
(i.e. speaking, singing, instrumental)
SERVEteams consist of people with an attitude of servant leadership consistent with the core values of MNU. Please list the areas you are qualified and willing to serve in according to your order of preference (1,2,3,4,5).
Providing Administrative and Admissions Leadership for the team

Personal Questions

Please write no more than two-three sentences/short answers for each.