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MNU is where you'll find outstanding academic quality and an affordable investment in your future, forge new relationships with lasting friends and build your relationship with Christ. We are proud to have highly qualified faculty, respected academic programs, and a community that cares about you. You will never just be a number here.

With over 40 different academic programs to choose from, we're certain we've got the program that will lead to your future success. Most programs require internships that will solidify your skills in the workforce. If you wish to expand your horizons with a study abroad program,

you can do that too! We have a great Army and Air Force ROTC program for those dedicated to our great nation and if you're interested in a challenge, our honors program is top-notch!

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Majors and Minors

Organizational Leadership

Physical Education


Political Science*


Recreation and Leisure Studies

Social Justice*


Speech/Theatre Education

Sports Management


Youth & Family Ministry



*Denotes minor.
Most majors available as minors.

Pre-Professional Programs


Medical Technology

Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy

Academic Departments

Behavioral Sciences
Business Administration
Christian Ministry And Formation
Fine and Performing Arts
Health And Exercise Science
Science and Mathematics

The Department of Behavioral Science houses the SociologyPsychology and Criminal Justice majors, as well as the cross-disciplinary Business Psychology degree. We focus on understanding human behavior, mental processes, social functioning and the institutional structures of society. MNU also offers Graduate Degrees in this area.

The Department of Business Administration houses the AccountingBusiness AdministrationSports Management,  Marketing and Organizational Leadership majors. We focus on general management and business principles as well as problem solving, working with people, assembling a team, creating and delivering presentations and communication skills. MNU also offers Graduate Degrees in this area.

The Department of Christian Ministry and Formation houses the Bible and TheologyMinistry, Intercultural Studies and Youth & Family Ministry majors. We focus on your spiritual core, assisting you to boldly explore life’s biggest questions, solidify your passion for serving others and pursue a calling that will lend purpose to your life.

The Department of Education houses the Elementary Education major and a variety of secondary education majors. We focus on helping teacher candidates develop spiritually and apply their knowledge of human growth and development, learning theories, research, technology, communication, and the world to develop, implement and assess learning experiences for all students. Licensure options are also available. We are accredited through KSDE and NCATE.

MNU also offers Graduate Degrees in this area.

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts houses the Music and Music Education majors. Our highly qualified faculty members are renown composers, musicians and choral directors who teach in the state-of-the-art Bell Cultural Events Center.

The Department of Health and Exercise Science houses the Physical EducationAthletic Training and Kinesiology majors. We focus on exercise science, physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, health education, and physical education, healthy lifestyles, injury care and injury prevention. We are accredited through CAATE. Many of our degrees are part of the Pre-Professional program at MNU.

The Department of Humanities houses the Corporate CommunicationEnglishEnglish Language Arts Education, Graphic Design, History, History/Government and Social Studies Education, Multimedia and Speech/Theater Education majors. We focus on critical thinking skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills as well as cultural and social skills and an appreciation for great works of art and literature.

The Department of Nursing houses the traditional Nursing major. We focus on inspiring servant leaders for the ministry of professional nursing through expert faculty and state-of-the-art labs. There is a separate application process for our program with an early-admit option. We are accredited through CCNE. MNU also offers Graduate Degrees in this area.

The Department of Science and Mathematics houses the Biology, Biology Education, Chemistry, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Middle Level Mathematics Education and Middle Level Science Education majors. We focus on an understanding and appreciation of the both strengths and limitations of scientific thought; encourage continual stewardship of the created order; promote a recognition of the value of logic and creativity in critical thought; and accurately present the role of science in contemporary culture. Many of our degrees are part of the Pre-Professional program at MNU.

Study Opportunities

Honors Program
Pre-Professional Program
Study Abroad

Honors Program

If you’re a high achiever MNU’s Honors Program can make your college experience more challenging and fulfilling. Students often study abroad, complete internships and practicums and enjoy interacting with honors students from other universities through our membership in The National Collegiate Honors Council.

Our emphasis is on enrichment, not only in academic pursuits, but with the purpose of making deeper and more faithful witnesses in our world.

Students may apply for acceptance if they have at least a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale and at least a cumulative 28 on the ACT.

For more information, please contact Mark Hayse at Honors@mnu.edu

Honors Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Honors Program at MidAmerica Nazarene Unversity

Honors Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University

Pre-Professional Program

So, you dream of becoming a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer? Well, you can start any professional career path right here at MNU. Our Pre-Professional advising committee will prepare you to take on the challenge of any of these graduate degrees.

This committee meets with interested students once a year for advising on:

  • Prerequisite classes
  • Entrance exam coaching
  • Volunteer work advising
  • Application process and requirements
  • Mock entrance interviews

And the pre-professional academic advisors will help you tailor your studies with your specific interest in mind. (Did you know that if you wanted to be a dentist, it might be a good idea to take a ceramics class?) Well, we’ll advise you about things like that!

"Participation in the MNU Pre-Professional program provides you with the opportunity not only to hone your interview skills, but to learn ways to become a stand-out applicant to your respective school of choice."
—Rion Taylor, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology.

Acceptance to any professional program is an extremely competitive and space-limited process. Most MNU students that make it through the application and interview process get accepted to a professional program upon graduation.  In fact, last year 9 out of 10 of our pre-professional grads were accepted to their chosen graduate program.

So, know that you can follow your dream at MNU!

Contact Rion Taylor, rgtaylor@mnu.edu, for details. 

Pre-Professional Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University

Study Abroad

MNU can help you change the way you see the world with a semester abroad. Experience other cultures, tour amazing cities, taste foreign cuisine and grow spiritually while making a valuable investment in your future. MNU has several ways for you to expand your world view by studying abroad. Spend a semester in Europe, China, Australia, India, the Middle East, Latin America or Uganda.

MNU Europe

MNU’s home away from home in the village of Büsingen, Germany, is just a few kilometers from the city of Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Shared student residences have a common kitchen, dining room, living, study and worship space.

Students enjoy local excursions and day trips while taking 15-17 credits. Experience trips to major European cities and learn from MNU and European faculty.

Find out more about MNU Europe today!

Other Countries

Through MNU’s affiliation with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and Best Semester, you can enjoy the opportunities in Australia, China, India, Latin America, The Middle East, Oxford Summer Programme and Uganda.


MNU offers Army ROTC and Air Force ROTC as an elective program in partnership with the University of Kansas ROTC program. If accepted, ROTC can pay for your college tuition. These scholarships cover 100% of your tuition and fees and come with $1200 per year for books as well as $500 a month for help with living expenses.

Students can participate during freshman and sophomore years without an obligation to join the Army upon graduation. Continuing with ROTC through your junior and senior years does carry an 8-year commitment to the U.S. Army or Air Force. Once you graduate, you will be commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in the Army or Air Force.

ROTC also offers scholarships for qualified nursing students who seek to become a nurse. Students receiving these scholarships are guaranteed a job as an Army or Air Force nurse in a military hospital upon graduation and commissioning. Scholarships also include a stethoscope and all class expenses directly related to nursing. For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Army and Air Force ROTC Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University

Army and Air Force ROTC Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University

Application Process

  1. Acceptance to MNU
  2. Pass the Physical Fitness Test
    • Push-ups: number of repetitions in two minutes
    • Sit-ups: number of repetitions in two minutes
    • Two-mile run: score calculated on the amount of time to finish


Captain William Chuber

Air Force
Captain Benjamin H. Smith


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