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Bible and Theology is the study of God's Word and of
God's relation to the world.

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Bible and Theology offers you the most intensive study in Old and New Testament courses, biblical languages and narrative and historical approaches to theology. You’ll focus on developing your mind and intellect while building a scriptural foundation to prepare you for graduate studies or for additional seminary work in pastoral ministry, youth ministry or Christian education.

This program also consists of fewer credit hours, so it allows you the time for a double major, combining Bible and Theology with a study in another interest or discipline.

There are many scholarship opportunities for Bible and Theology majors. Ministry students have the potential of receiving roughly $20,000 in financial assistance over four years, significantly minimizing debt and easing the transition into ministry. In fact, all freshmen receive a $1250 their first semester and another $1250 scholarship once they pass the Introduction to Ministry course. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can apply for the Ministry Student Internship Program ($4500-$7500/year) or General Ministry Scholarships ($500-$3000/year).

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"My favorite class has been Systematic Theology. I felt like this class attributed to the further continuation of my academic range of topics as well as the ability to engage with other denominations."

Thijs van Dijk on Systematic Theology

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“The Bible provides the foundation for everything we believe and teach. But most importantly, it helps us to know God personally.”

Jim Edlin, PhD

Our professors are professionals and scholars with a mission to prepare you for purposeful, passionate and innovative ministry for the kingdom of God around the world. We will equip you to nurture faithful discipleship and provide ways to cultivate the knowledge, attitudes and skills for ministry and leadership from the Wesleyan holiness perspective. And just because you graduate, it doesn't mean we stop supporting you. Continue your education with the Sullivan Center for Church Leadership.

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Bible and Theology undergraduate program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.
Bible and Theology undergraduate program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.


Touching every aspect of biblical study and theology, you could become a(n):

Hospice Spiritual Coordinator

Christian Author/Editor

University Professor
Biblical Researcher

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