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A degree in Biology Education focuses on the study of living organisms and the development of teaching skills you will need in order to pass along this knowledge to diverse students.

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Whether you go on to teach biology in a high school or a university, design educational media or work in the field as an interpreter of nature, you will first learn about the natural world by studying zoology, botany, microbiology, genetics, ecology and chemistry.  You’ll also study how people grow and learn, and how to engage students in research and hands-on study.

You will learn to communicate complex ideas to other people through hands-on laboratory classes, student teaching anoutdoor field experiments.

As a graduate you will complete all Kansas requirements for teacher certification. Our faculty will also help you find out how to become certified in other states, and many are similar to Kansas requirements. Recent graduates scored a 93% pass rate for their content areas of the PRAXIS exam. This degree also prepares you for future study in graduate and medical schools.

Application to the teacher education program is a separate admission process than applying to MNU. 

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"My absolute favorite so far would be genetics because I love learning about the makeup of humans and how all of the processes happen: from cell division to heritable diseases."

Jessica Haney on Genetics

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“At MNU, biology education majors learn that a great way to serve God is to show their students the glory of His creation through teaching science. We encourage you to pursue excellence in your studies so you may inspire future generations.”

Rion Taylor, PhD
Associate professor.

Our expert professors have a passion for the nature of science and the complexity of our natural world. You’ll find the small classes, close relationships with PhD faculty, essential friendships with fellow students and a faith perspective that is a perfect fit.

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Biology Education undergraduate program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.
Biology Education undergraduate program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.


Touching every aspect of biology education, you could become a:

High School Biology Teacher
Nature Center Guide

Natural History Museum Educator
Biology Researcher

Middle School Biology Teacher

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