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Children & Family Ministry is a calling that lays the foundations of Christian life and witness for future generations.

The Facts

The Children & Family Ministry program is an interdisciplinary program between our Ministry and Education Departments. You’ll learn the common bonds these two important callings share as they relate to children’s education in both the Christian and public arenas.

With the addition of two classes, this program meets all requirements to become ordained in the Church of the Nazarene and prepares you for ordination in many other denominations as well. This major also enhances opportunities for substitute teacher and para positions in public schools as well as work in Christian K-6 schools.

MNU’s close proximity to the Nazarene Global Ministry Center and Nazarene Publishing House will allow students in this new major to work closely with existing children’s ministry networks such as Nazarene Publishing House’s WordAction Sunday School curriculum and USA/Canada Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries.

There are many scholarship opportunities for Children & Family Ministry majors. Ministry students have the potential of receiving roughly $20,000 in financial assistance over four years, significantly minimizing debt and easing the transition into ministry. In fact, all freshmen receive a $1250 their first semester and another $1250 scholarship once they pass the Introduction to Ministry course. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can apply for the Ministry Student Internship Program ($4500-$7500/year) or General Ministry Scholarships ($500-$3000/year).

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"I was so happy to hear that MNU was now offering a major in Children and Family Ministry. I feel I have been called to work specifically with children in Christian Education settings and this major has several very practical classes that will add to my resume and to my confidence!"

Tyler Sparks new Children & Family Ministry major

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“Children’s ministry must be the starting point for the urgent priorities that face for today’s church. MNU is excited to promote and resource the church to meet this critical ministry focus. Requests for graduates, trained in ministry with children, is our fastest growing inquiry area among regional congregations. We are happy to partner with them in very tangible ways. When our graduates are skilled not only in biblical theology but also in sound educational practice, then whole congregations get stronger.”

Randy Cloud, PhD

Our professors are professionals and scholars with a mission to prepare you for purposeful, passionate and innovative ministry for the kingdom of God around the world. We will equip you to nurture faithful discipleship and provide ways to cultivate the knowledge, attitudes and skills for ministry and leadership from the Wesleyan holiness perspective. And just because you graduate, it doesn't mean we stop supporting you. Continue your education with the Sullivan Center for Church Leadership.

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Children and Family Ministry undergraduate program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.


Touching every aspect of children and family ministry, you could become a:

Children’s Pastor

Director of Children and Family Ministries

Family Pastoral Counselor

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