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Criminal Justice is the study of law enforcement, criminal proceedings and punishment. But at MNU it's also about mercy, rehabilitation and compassion.

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Criminal justice students study the systems involved in American justice. These systems include law enforcement, courts, corrections and law. In criminal justice, students deal with problems that have a very real impact on people’s lives. Learning from faculty who work in these fields, students get to use our hands-on laboratory—a lab that would make the cast of CSI jealous.

At MNU, we intentionally integrate faith into the classroom and it could not be more important than in a program like criminal justice where concepts like moral commitment, mercy and justice apply to high stakes situations.

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"This course challenged my beliefs and stances. It not only taught me the history and methods of the death penalty, but it also taught me different viewpoints and stances on the subject."

Chris Wilson on The Death Penalty

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“I’m intentional about giving the students as real a picture as I can about the forensic community, and giving them the skills they will need to get started in a law enforcement or forensic career.”

Lisa Tator (’06)
Deputy Sheriff, for Johnson County, KS, and adjunct instructor.

Our professors are professionals and scholars with clinical licenses at the highest levels in both Kansas and Missouri. Many currently work as law enforcement officers, psychologists, counselors, attorneys, sociologists and crime scene investigators. Our faculty live what they teach.

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Criminal Justice Undergraduate Degree Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University
Criminal Justice Undergraduate Degree Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University


Touching every aspect of American justice, you could become a(n):

Law Enforcement Officer
Probation Officer
Private Security Guard
Court Administrator
Customs Agent
Prosecuting Attorney
Victim Advocacy Representative
Criminal Justice Researcher
Correctional Officer
Criminal Defense Attorney

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