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English is essential. It is essential to communicating through reading, writing, interpreting, analyzing and critical thinking.

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As an English major at MNU, you’ll learn to write effectively for various audiences, explore the history of the English language, practice identifying themes in literature, gain an understanding of human experiences and culture and master literary techniques and analytical skills.

The program maintains a strong emphasis in British, American and world literary traditions and combines it with the application of literary theories and an introductory study of linguistics.

You’ll have the opportunity to hone your skills through The Trailblazer—Student News at MNU. From the time you set foot on our campus, you can immediately contribute The Trailblazer. We award scholarships annually for editors and multimedia staff.

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"The one class that shaped me most was Creative Writing. I believe that writing is an inherently spiritual discipline, and the opportunity to learn about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses through each piece I wrote was one of the most valuable academic experiences I've had."

Kelsey Luffman on Creative Writing

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“I encourage critical & philosophical thinking with the goal of incorporating those views into everyday thinking and actions. I am also passionate about helping students find meaning and purpose in their lives.”

Shanti Thomas, PhD
Professor of English.

Our professors have a passion for education and the MNU community. Seamlessly connecting literature, communication, culture and Christianity is a foundation of the curriculum.

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Touching every aspect of English language arts, you could become a(n): 

Marketing Professional

Technical Writer
English Teacher
Speech Writer

Public Relations Professional

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