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Graphic Design is the art of using design elements – typography, images and symbols – to convey information or ideas. Graphic designers are practical artists who make messages come alive.

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Our graphic design program is based on real-world applications and experience. Our first priority is to provide you instruction based on the needs of the professional world. Because our professors are plugged into this industry, they know what current trends and skills students should be learning.

We’re also in a great location—MNU is just 20 miles from the heart of Kansas City, one of the most vibrant creative cities in the Midwest. Kansas City is home to corporations, advertising agencies, printers, publishers and interactive design businesses, and our graduates are surrounded by a variety of job opportunities.

As a graphic design major, you’ll work on projects for local companies and present to real clients. You’ll complete an in-depth design project as part of a marketing research project. Paired with an MNU student marketing team you’ll get first-hand experience with the relationship between designers and marketers. You will explore topics from a Christian worldview and learn how to use graphic design to benefit the business world in a positive way. You’ll also be accustomed to presenting and taking constructive criticism for your work during in-class critiques.

Graduates walk away with a robust and matured portfolio, as part of a senior seminar assignment.

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"Typography and Page Design is the first class where I could see myself one day working in the profession. They helped me build confidence, grow as an artist and expand my portfolio."

Caitlin Weinck on Typography and Page Design

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“I love that we teach skills that you’ll really use in the workplace. These skills are in high demand. You’ll learn current programs and software all while developing a great work ethic.”

Brian Merriman
Assistant professor.

Our graphic design professors work with other professors at MNU who teach marketing and communication classes so that you get a real world experience. Through our intentionally Christian atmosphere, you will also get reinforcement about ethical business practices—keeping promises, meeting deadlines, copyright training.

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Graphic Design Undergraduate Degree Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.
Graphic Design Undergraduate Degree Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.


Touching every aspect of graphic design, you could become a(n): 

Graphic Designer
Production Artist
Art Director

Video Game Designer
Web Designer

Digital Video Producer
Layout Artist

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