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Intercultural Studies lays the foundation to share God’s love with those who are different from you—across ethnic, language and national barriers.

The Facts

Intercultural Studies prepares you for overseas missions, ministry to immigrant groups or underrepresented populations in a domestic setting, or work within Christian organizations that respond to needs across cultural lines.

You will participate in two immersion experiences during your time at MNU: an intercultural experience in an overseas or domestic multi-cultural setting, and a practical study in a local church or Christian organization. Students with membership in the Church of the Nazarene may

also participate in the Ministerial Student Scholarship program (MSSP), which requires field service each semester.

There are many scholarship opportunities for Bible and Theology majors. Ministry students have the potential of receiving roughly $20,000 in financial assistance over four years, significantly minimizing debt and easing the transition into ministry. In fact, all freshmen receive a $1250 their first semester and another $1250 scholarship once they pass the Introduction to Ministry course. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can apply for the Ministry Student Internship Program ($4500-$7500/year) or General Ministry Scholarships ($500-$3000/year).

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"MNU’s Intercultural Studies program trained me to think more Christlike, to view the world through a global-citizen framework, and to fruitfully and faithfully contextualize the ‘good news’ to the particular needs and cultures of all people groups."

Jacob Lett

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“I want to nurture the faith of my students wherever I am, whether in a class discussion as we integrate faith and learning, or some other time over a meal or a cup of coffee or in my home.”

Mark Hayes, PhD

Our professors are professionals and scholars with a mission to prepare you for purposeful, passionate, and innovative ministry for the kingdom of God around the world. We will equip you to nurture faithful discipleship and provide ways to cultivate the knowledge, attitudes, and skills for ministry and leadership from the Wesleyan holiness perspective. And just because you graduate, it doesn't mean we stop supporting you. Continue your education with the Sullivan Center for Church Leadership.

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Intercultural Studies Undergraduate Degree Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.


Touching every aspect of intercultural studies, you could become a: 

Urban Minister

Compassionate Ministries Director

Church Planter
Relief/Aid Worker

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