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"Mathematics is the language in which God wrote the universe." —Galileo Galilei

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As a math major at MNU, you’ll master concepts in subjects such as calculus, statistics, abstract algebra, differential equations, computer programming and math-related technology. You’ll learn to make connections within different math fields, and also connect math to other disciplines.

It’s not uncommon for professors to spend significant one-on-one time with you outside the classroom—ensuring that

you master the material. This supportive and collaborative environment gives you the ability to excel.

Department scholarship opportunities are available to mathematics students. The John Stephens Memorial Scholarship and Mathematics Scholarship are awarded to sophomores, juniors and seniors, based on performance in mathematics courses and financial need.

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"The one course that has had a significant impact on me and that I consider my favorite is Discrete Mathematics. It confirmed for me why I love math and introduced me to entirely new ways of thinking."

Carrie Frizzell on Discrete Mathematics

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“I believe that exploring Creation through mathematical modeling gives us a better understanding of God, our Creator.  God reveals His beauty and character in many ways, and mathematics is one of those ways.”

Mark Brown, PhD

Expert professors have a passion for mathematics that will develop your ability to think logically and creatively. You’ll find the small classes, close relationships with PhD faculty, essential friendships with fellow students and our faith perspective is a perfect fit.

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Mathematics Undergraduate Degree Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.


Touching every aspect of mathematics, you could become a(n): 

Insurance Underwriter
Claims Adjuster

Market Research Analyst
Financial Planner

Information Analyst
Risk Manager
Data Miner

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