Ministry Undergraduate Degree Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.
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Ministry students carry Christ's
mission in the world.

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The ministry program at MNU prepares you for full-time ministry by laying a foundation of Biblical truth and theological understanding. You’ll study pastoral counseling, corporate worship, evangelism, church growth and Christian leadership. You’ll experience hands-on training in area churches, through internships at Churches across the North Central Nazarene Districts and Christian organizations along with conferences and workshops held right here on MNU’s campus to equip you for the ministry.

MNU’s ministry major meets all requirements to become ordained in the Church of the Nazarene and prepares you for ordination in many other denominations as well. You can

also choose from several concentrations to personalize your degree depending on your interests and goals.

There are many scholarship opportunities for Ministry majors. In fact, all freshmen receive a $2500 scholarship once they pass the Introduction to Ministry course. We also have a separate Ministry Student Scholarship Program as well as General Ministry Scholarships ranging from $1000-$3000 per year for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Ministry students seeking employment as a Nazarene senior pastor upon graduation can also apply for a $18,000 scholarship to minimize debt and ease transition into the ministry.

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"I loved my experience taking Upper Division Old Testament with Dr. Edlin because of the depth of insight he shared in his lectures. My growth in understanding and comprehension of the story of God's people in the Old Testament was foundational to the development of my personal theology. "

Brady Thelander on Upper Division Old Testament

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“I want to nurture the faith of my students wherever I am, whether in a class discussion as we integrate faith and learning or some other time over a meal, a cup of coffee or in my home.

Mark Hayes, PhD

Our professors are professionals and scholars with a mission to prepare you for purposeful, passionate, and innovative ministry for the kingdom of God around the world. We will equip you to nurture faithful discipleship and provide ways to cultivate the knowledge, attitudes and skills for ministry and leadership from the Wesleyan holiness perspective. And just because you graduate, it doesn't mean we stop supporting you. Continue your education with the Sullivan Center for Church Leadership.

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Ministry Undergraduate Degree Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.
Ministry Undergraduate Degree Program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.


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