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YOU! The MNU Europe is open to any student wishing to study abroad in Europe through a Christian University program. This means not only MNU students, but all Nazarene and CCCU students as well. Really! Think of it as just another Nazarene University location.


MNU Europe

We believe that as a college student you should have the amazing opportunity to travel and study at the same time. Many students have told us that studying abroad has changed their lives!

We hope that you will take this opportunity to study alongside others during these transformational semester or summer programs in Europe. Study and learn in context as you walk along the Seine river in Paris and gaze at the Eiffel Tower, see the ancient Roman ruins, experience the Rennaisance in Florence, hike in the Alps, make new friends and learn to communicate and worship in a new language. Your worldview will never be the same!

Integrated into your semester are multiple service opportunities, cultural immersion through travel-classes and lots of space for you to discover Europe with your friends! And the best thing yet: You won't lose time finishing in four years, because the courses we offer fit into your general education requirements!

  • Develop your global perspective
  • Service learning incorporated with a mission trip
  • Small class sizes with integrated travel
  • MNU Faculty, European Faculty and Nazarene Universities' Sabbatical Faculty
  • Travel to major European cities, with world-famous landmarks, cafes, museums, music and recreation
  • Student excursions and opportunities help you learn in context

With traditional semester options or short-terms, we're sure you'll never be the same after studying abroad!


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Apply Now!

Our Nazarene European education centers of EuNC throughout Europe are the perfect places for a study abroad experience in Europe. MNU has created an innovative academic travel and semester abroad experience for U.S. and European students. The short-term and semester-long opportunities provide an intercultural academic experience for all Nazarene and CCCU students. Apply today!

Application Checklist

  • Apply!
  • Select your courses
  • References
  • Travel release form
  • Current college transcript
  • Deposit ($200 for priority applications; $400 by application deadline)
  • Two passport photos with first and last name written on the back
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your current insurance card

Program Costs, MNU Students

Semester Cost for MNU Students

The cost of MNU Europe is the same block tuition, fees and room and board as MNU Olathe. There is an additional $3500 MNU Europe program fee, which includes major mission trip and service projects, ground travel costs, emergency travel and medical insurance, and orientation. The fundraising of $3,500 can be applied towards the program fee.
Scholarships not requiring presence on the MNU Olathe campus and financial aid can be applied to the cost of your tuition and program fees.
Contact the Center for Global Studies for details.

Program Costs, Everyone Else

Semester Cost for Non-MNU Students

Tuition and Room & Board: $14,900*
*General, technology and course fees are additional.


Semester Cost for Universities Affiliated with MNU*

Your University’s Block tuition +
Room and Board: $3,775 +
Program fee: $3,500**

*Memo of Understanding
**May utliize fundraising through MNU for the mission trip and service components


Check with your school's financial aid officer and/or the study abroad advisor to see how your scholarships and financial aid can be applied to your semester in Europe!

Personal Costs


  • Airfare: varies, $750-$1200
  • Books: $200
  • Passport: $135
  • Health Insurance: Contact your provider
  • Personal Expenses and Independent European travel: varies, $1500-$2500
  • Personal Rail Pass: $300-$500

MNU Europe

Contact Us

MNU Center for Global Studies
2030 E. College Way
Olathe, KS 66062

MNU Europe


Program Dates

Summer 2016: May and/or June 2016 Priority Application: November 15, 2015
Application Deadline: February 26, 2016

Fall 2016: September 10-December 8, 2016 Priority Application: November 15, 2015
Application Deadline: March 3, 2016


Germany | Portugal | Spain | France | Denmark | The Netherlands | Italy | Hungary | Romania | Bulgaria | Kosova | Albania

The Learning Centres of European Nazarene College offer extension education to church leaders in many countries where we will be. MNU Europe students and faculty will benefit from the close connections that Nazarenes around the world share.