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Physics is the science of energy, matter, motion and force.

The Facts

God has surrounded us with an amazing universe full of mystery and hearts full of wonder drawn to the exploration of it. Physics is our attempt at understanding this universe on the most basic level. From giant galaxies swarming with hundreds of billions of stars, to tiny particles so small and rare that they occupy a space smaller than the smallest atom for only a fraction of a second. Using the elegant language of mathematics, we attempt to explain how things work in this wondrous creation.

The skills learned through exploration of physics are highly sought after in areas such as engineering,

mathematics, and computer science. As one of the highest paying bachelor's degrees available, physics is a program which will prepare you to work in some of the most exciting and lucrative jobs.

And at MNU you'll be placed on the front lines of this growth as you work alongside experts in the field to explore new truths about our universe. With research funded by NASA, students here have an opportunity to work on projects reserved for graduate students at most other institutions.

Physics Degree Options

We offer two types of physics degrees to choose from, giving you greater flexibility in preparing for a career in science.

> Bachelor of Arts
Our Bachelor of Arts in Physics is designed for students who want a broad, interdisciplinary experience. The advantage of a BA is the opportunity to double major. A Physics/Math dual major would an excellent choice for pre-engineering students.

> Bachelor of Science
Our Bachelor of Science in Physics is designed for students who plan to attend graduate schools as a step in developing their physics career.

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"It was a pull-out-your-hair, stay-up-all-night, study-til-you-puke difficult class. But looking back, it was the most beneficial class I’ve ever taken. I didn’t just learn facts; I also learned to be intuitive about how molecules work. That made it easy to ace Medicinal Chemistry in pharmacy school."

Christina Wilkins on Organic Chemistry

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“Physics helps me see so many parallels between God’s amazing creation and His own nature. I want my students to appreciate that Christianity and science cooperate. I am blessed to play a part in developing that appreciation.”

Andrew Overholt, PhD
Associate professor.

With small classes and accessible professors, MNU is the perfect supportive atmosphere students need to excel. Our faculty is devoted to student success and has the time and resources to help students achieve what they never thought possible. With unique research opportunities, our professors are devoted to teaching, and a  broad supportive community helps our students along the way.

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Physics undergraduate program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.
Physics undergraduate program at MidAmerica Nazarene University.


Touching every aspect of physics, you could become a(n):

Aerospace Engineer
Physics Teacher
Survey Researcher

Power Plant Operator

Computer Systems Analyst
Research Analyst
Water Resource Planner

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