MNU Passion to Serve Project | LQVE Haiti | MidAmerica Nazarene University


If you're as passionate about helping the world as we are, why not join us?

We will send four teams to Haiti this year alone. And every extra hand helps. If you loved serving when you were a student at MNU, why not continue that passion?

Current Project Needs

  1. Join one of our LQVE Haiti teams and travel abroad. Contact MNU ServiceCorps for details on how to apply.
  2. Raise funds by donating your time to help set-up, serve or tear down at the President’s Honors Gala.

We value the work of all our partnering organizations. We always strive to develop long-term relationships with each one of them. This is why we also invite you to choose a volunteer opportunity to continue the work with past projects. Your time will help us to continue supporting these worthy organizations.

Native American Christian Academy (formerly SVIS)

  1. Clip & Send Campbell’s Labels and Box Tops for Education.
  2. Fulfill an item from their Current Needs List.

Contact Us

Attn: MNU ServiceCorps

2030 E. College Way
Olathe, KS 66062

Phone: 913-971-3541
Fax: 913.971.3401


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