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Support our Passion to Serve

You can help us make a difference in the world. The MNU Go Global program sends nearly 100 students every year to work with Nazarene missionaries and other non-profit organizations, including Heart to Heart International. Join us in making a global impact!

In 2009, MNU students proposed this formula: if 1,000 faculty, staff, and students each donated $2 a week, we would raise $50,000 by the end of the school year. Everyone is encouraged to give $2 during our community chapel services each week, which have been designated 'Two-Dollar Tuesday.' As you can see, every gift makes a difference—no matter the size. Every dollar counts.

Did you know that you can support our trips in several ways?

  1. You can help fund our project by supporting this year’s Passion to Serve project.
  2. You can help fund a team traveling through our Go Global program.
  3. You can also fund a specific student traveling as part of our Go Global program. These payments are a personal benefit to the student so they are not tax-deductible
  4. Volunteer. Would you like to join us on one of our trips or help from home? See how you can help us in the field.
  5. Pray. Always, pray.

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Phone: 913-971-3541
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