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Our mission as a university is to be a transformational community of faith committed to academic excellence and passionate about equipping servant leaders who will impact the world for Jesus Christ. This Building Foundations strategic plan is about ideas, vision and dreams that respond to the energy and vitality of a new generation of students eager to find their place in a rapidly changing world.

MidAmerica Nazarene University has a rich heritage built upon the strong faith and pioneer spirit of our founders. Although our mission has remained constant, our methodology and structure must change to respond to the needs of 21st Century students. This plan was developed through a series of community dialogues that identified strengths and areas of needed change, and explored a wide range of ideas and emerging possibilities. In reaffirming our mission and the core values that provide substance and the guiding principles for all we do, there emerged four themes that provide structure for the strategic objectives and key initiatives identified in the plan.

Transforming, Delivering, Strengthening and Building are the operative words that give definition to our plan and the outcomes that MNU seeks to achieve. Building Foundations is more than a planning document. More significantly it represents a commitment to be a community of engagement that thinks strategically and works together to encourage innovation, creativity and emerging opportunities.

The university is beginning a journey unlike that of any period in its history. It will be a journey of faith, new discoveries and exciting challenges. It will require introspection, flexibility and a willingness to respond to rapid change as the world redefines itself and its needs. Building Foundations is about momentum and progress, but it is also about a community committed to impacting the world for Jesus Christ through servant leaders recognized for their excellence, integrity and spiritual vitality.

David J. Spittal

MidAmerica Nazarene University Strategic Plan

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