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Certificate in Business Administration Strategies

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This course examines the issues involved in organizing and operating start-up businesses and new ventures, as well as the role of marketing in today’s organization. Attention is given to the ethical, social, and economic problems faced by entrepreneurs and marketing managers.

This course focuses on the legal environment of business, which includes governmental regulation of business, private actions such as torts, contracts, employment law, and labor law. The ability to research laws related to the student’s area of interest is emphasized. The relationship of the legal system to ethics is explored.

This capstone course focuses on the strategic decisions and planning processes that shape future of the organization. Students will utilize techniques for defining the basic purpose and objectives of an enterprise, for analyzing competitors and industries, and for matching organization strengths with environmental opportunities. Various perspectives to strategic thinking are explored and applications such as vision and mission are examined at both the organizational and personal levels.

This course focuses on accounting as the language of business and explores the information that is communicated by financial statements and other accounting reports. The course also will include financial management topics such as cash flow planning, budgeting, and working capital management. Emphasis will be placed on the use of financial information for decision making. This course will also provide a foundation for students as they prepare a business plan in the Entrepreneurship course.