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Continuing Education for Teacher Licensure

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All courses are online, with open enrollment, and are self-paced. Courses need to be completed within 16 weeks of enrollment. You will complete the STAR assignment, part one, to receive credit and some courses require a digital project. Once registered, you will receive a new course information email within 3-5 business days with detailed instructions.

Continuing Education Graduate Credit, 0.5 credits for $45 Tuition + Registration Fee

Digitizing the Classroom & Student Voice, EDCI 6509
Educators will discover ways to encourage students to engage in the content and find agency with the tools provided.

Designing the Perfect Presentation with Visually Impactful Slides, EDCI 6512
A comprehensive set of courses for non-designers on how to combine text and images like a pro.

Introducing STEM in the Digital Classroom, EDCI 6515
Designed for the educator who has little or no experience using technology in the classroom to support STEM learning objectives. It provides the basic knowledge needed to start incorporating computational thinking, basic computer science, some physical computing and more into his or her classroom.

Fostering an Impactful Student Relationship in an Online, Hybrid, or In-Person Classroom, EDCI 6517
Learn the fundamentals of technology to support social & emotional learning in the classroom and foster relationships to build a strong community.

Keeping Students Engaged in the Technological Classroom, EDCI 6519
Provides educators with clear and practical ways to develop 21st century skills using digital technologies to help transform how they design enriching learning activities for their engaged students.

Discovering new techniques to Present, Teach, & Collaborate with your School’s Administrators & Teachers, EDCI 6520
Education leaders will discover ways to use tools to organize and communicate efficiently then build successful organizational frameworks to lead their systems.

Inspiring your Students to Take Action through Service Learning, EDCI 6521
Empower youth to create a positive impact locally and around the world through service-learning.

Continuing Education Graduate Credit, 1 credit for $90 Tuition + Registration Fee

Crafting A Modern and Adaptive Learning Environment, EDCI 6510
Educators will learn how to utilize Microsoft Teams to create a dynamic learning environment for their students and discover how hybrid learning can be implemented at a variety of age levels.

Providing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – What do you need to know? EDCI 6518
Learn how to identify how our surroundings, both chosen and perceived, have a significant impact on how we navigate through the world and how we interact with one another.

Continuing Education Graduate Credit, 1.5 credits for $135 Tuition + Registration Fee

Teaching and Learning with Office 365 and Windows, EDCI 6511
Learn Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Forms and more to build a collaborative classroom that empowers learners that will equip your students for success today and tomorrow.

Offering an Inclusive Classroom for the Empowered Student, EDCI 6513
Learn about how to create a personalized and engaging learning experience for all of your students through the Microsoft technology and resources.

Designing Courses for the 21st Century Learner, EDCI 6514
Explore what learning looks like in the 21st century and how innovative teaching practices can support student learning to develop these skills.

Leveling up with STEM using Minecraft & LEGO®  MINDSTORMS®, EDCI 6516
Designed to provide the educator with an advanced set of skills and knowledge for how to use technology in the classroom to support STEM learning objectives.

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