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February Exhibition: Sharon Rodriguez, Making the Invisible Visible: One Story at a Time - Artist Talk, Social Justice in Photograph

Lecture / Presentation / Exhibit
Homeless, Not Invisible, Sharon Rodriguez

Join us at 7p.m. in the Mabee Learning Commons for this event.  Sharon has photographed and interviewed the homeless of Johnson County, KS since 2014. She started to document them to dispel the perception that this wealthy county does not have a homeless population. The images in this exhibition depict the face of the Johnson County Homeless. Taking the subject further, the artist gives her subjects the power to voice their personal stories and the opportunity to write it in their own hands. These personal stories are displayed next to their photographic likenesses. In her artist talk, Sharon will describe how she started with photographing the homeless, talk about some of the people she has interviewed and photographed, and let you know what you can do to help the homeless.

As an artist, Sharon has always been interested in photographing and telling the stories of people who mostly go unseen in the world: mothers, grandmothers, the elderly, etc. She is fascinated by the grace and gifts of an everyday human, and she loves to shed light on those who think they are just making-do, when in fact, it is their work that is at the heart of our civilization.

Presented by MNU in collaboration with the Olathe Public Library. Supported by Humanities KansasFunding for this program is provided by Humanities Kansas, a nonprofit cultural organization that connects communities with history, traditions, and ideas to strengthen civic life.

Stories can help people overcome real-life challenges and bounce back from failures. Resilience involves the brain’s capacity to adapt to and cope with adverse events. A powerful mode of building resilience is through engaging with, discussing and telling stories.

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