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"The Hate U Give": A Common Reader Book Discussion

Lecture / Presentation / Exhibit
The Hate U Give

In The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas explores Starr’s life in the aftermath of her friend’s death. The book is a somber reflection of contemporary events as its protagonist, a survivor of the incident, navigates her way through a violent and sometimes isolating world. Starr spends the story making hard choices in circumstances that remain incredibly relevant to a modern audience. Resilience is explored through the perspective of a protagonist who is sometimes brave, often scared, and always human.

Join us at 10a.m. in the Olathe Public Library, Indian Creek for this event.  Conversation will be facilitated by one or more humanities scholars. A limited number of “Night” books will be handed out at this meeting in preparation for the March 7 discussion.

Presented by MNU in collaboration with the Olathe Public Library. Supported by Humanities KansasFunding for this program is provided by Humanities Kansas, a nonprofit cultural organization that connects communities with history, traditions, and ideas to strengthen civic life.

Stories can help people overcome real-life challenges and bounce back from failures. Resilience involves the brain’s capacity to adapt to and cope with adverse events. A powerful mode of building resilience is through engaging with, discussing and telling stories.

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