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Virtual Artist Talk: Be a Child / Carol Totten

Lecture / Presentation / Exhibit
Carol Totten and Swan

Location: ZOOM Virtual Event. Stay tuned for a link to this event, coming soon. 

Virtual Artist Talk: Be a Child / Carol Totten

For the first exhibit in the Mabee Library’s rotating art gallery for the 20-21 academic year, Carol Totten will display a series of her original paintings. Carol’s paintings will be displayed during the month of September. The artist talk will consist of a brief talk by the artist, followed by a reception and viewing of the art collection. Refreshments will be provided.

Artist Talk Description: “Jesus said we come to Him like little children. When I approach art with wonder and excitement about all the possibilities, all the colors, all the imaginative topics, then it takes my fear of failure away. I am not schooled in art. I see other artists who have far better techniques, a greater imagination, an ability to paint what they see in their head. I am a copycat artist and get ideas from others...but oh, I have fun!”

Directions: ZOOM link coming soon

Artist Information: Carol is 70 years young. She has been married for 40 years. She homeschooled her two children right through highschool. They both graduated from universities. Carol’s husband was a pastor at various churches until his retirement this year. Carol and her husband taught English for one school year in China at a university. On the side, they were able to engage a number of young men and women in Bible study, and Carol has self-published several children's stories in which she also did the art. Carol loves nature, people, and also being alone.  She loves the ocean but lives in Kansas. Jesus and her husband are her best friends.

Addison Lucchi, Instructional & Research Librarian

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