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Virtual Event: Artist Talk / Rohini Sen

Mabee Library Artist Series

Virtual Event

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My work is an exploration of how I experience the minutia of the natural world, through the lens of my family history and career path as a zoologist. There are themes of loss, fragmentation, memory and beauty.

The hierarchy of knowledge that exists between the indigenous or diasporic world view, and the western sciences, is a tension that I am currently investigating. This often filters through my work, whether visibly on the surface or not, as I am a combination of both of these worlds. I enjoy working in a range of mediums, including charcoal, oil paint, ink and shellac. 

Rohini lives and works in NYC and is originally from New Zealand. She is currently completing her MFA at the New York Academy of Art.

  • The artist talk will consist of a Zoom-based talk by the artist, and a Q&A.

Event Contact

Name/Title: Addison Lucchi, Instructional & Research Librarian

Office: 913-971-3567