Honor Roll of Donors

There are many types of gifts.
Every gift makes a difference.

MidAmerica Nazarene University has the distinct privilege of integrating the activities of living and learning with the light of the gospel.  It is our unique task to summon our students to crossroads where the fearless pursuit of truth intersects with the steadfast commitment of Christian faith and learning.

Jon NorthIn the following pages are thousands of names of individuals, churches, and organizations who helped sustain MidAmerica Nazarene University’s important mission during this past year.  Each name represents a story of the influence of the university.  Each gift, both large and small, represent an investment in our future and in the lives of our students.

MNU’s enduring mission of educating and preparing servant leaders for the sake of Christ relies on those who will pick up the mantle to pray, sacrifice, and contribute. Our ability to impact the hearts and minds of our students wouldn’t be possible without the generosity and faithfulness of those listed within these pages.

As you review the highlights from this past year and reflect on the lives of those who have been impacted by MNU, I hope you will rejoice in our great heritage and our promising future. On behalf of the MNU Foundation, thank you for your generosity and for your investment in a dream and vision worth pursuing.

Jon North signature

Jon D. North, Ed.D, MBA, CFRE
Vice President for University Advancement
Executive Director of the MNU Foundation


Our Leadership

Note: Alumni are listed in italics.

  • President's Cabinet

    Dr. David J. Spittal

    Mr. Darrel W. Anderson
    Vice President for Finance/CFO

    Dr. Nancy L. Damron
    Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Mark C. Ford
    Vice President for Strategic Expansion

    Dr. Jon D. North
    Vice President for University Advancement

    Mr. Daniel S. Rincones
    Vice President for Student Development

  • Board of Trustees

    Executive Committee
    Dr. David J. Spittal

    Rev. Jim C. Bond

    Dr. Tia M. Strait
    Vice Chairperson

    Mr. Gregory A. Hephner

    Dr. Daniel D. Rexroth

    Dr. Merrill R. Conant
    Dr. Edward L. Estep
    Dr. Mike G. Palmer
    Rev. M. Kim Smith


    Other Members
    Mr. Timothy J. Buchanan
    Dr. Wendy M. Belcher
    Mrs. Donna F. Boese
    Mr. Allen K. Brown
    Mr. Alan D. Carlson
    Mr. Ervin L. Cash

    Rev. Daniel W. Cole
    Mr. Chad B. Cook
    Mr. Keith B. Cox
    Mr. John C. Dahl
    Dr. Deanna L. Edwards
    Rev. Leray D. Glendenning
    Mrs. Robin R. Hammann
    Rev. Steven P. Hoffman
    Rev. Dustin L. Ledford

    Dr. Larry D. McIntire
    Rev. Frederick T. Morrison
    Rev. Kent A. Pedersen
    Rev. Kimberly A. Purl
    Rev. Phillip A. Rhoades
    Dr. Branson C. Roberts, Jr.
    Rev. Shawn A. Siegfreid
    Mr. Robert L. Sisson Jr.
    Mr. Philip D. Speicher

    Rev. Frederick B. Toomey, Jr.
    Dr. N. Jeannie Williams

  • MNU Foundation Board of Directors

    Dr. Jon D. North – ex-officio
    Executive Director

    Mr. Michael D. Major

    Mr. Brian G. Diddle
    Vice Chair

    Mr. Keith B. Cox

    Mr. Kevin P. Gilmore

    Ex-officio Members
    Mr. Darrel W. Anderson
    Rev. Jim C. Bond
    Mr. Timothy R. Keeton
    Dr. David J. Spittal

    Members at Large
    Dr. Larry D. McIntire
    Mr. Charles J. Nunamaker, Jr.

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Lunn Building
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Please note: Charitable gifts to MidAmerica Nazarene University are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.