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Endowing the Future of Quality Christian Education

The MidAmerica Nazarene University Foundation exists to assist the education services at MidAmerica Nazarene University. The MNU Foundation’s principle activity is to build the Endowment Fund. This fund is invested following carefully considered conservative investment policy to further the University’s mission, and to assure the long-term financial security of the University.

The following Individuals and organizations contributed to new or existing endowments managed by the MNU Foundation during 2019.

Note: Alumni donors are listed in italics. 
Deceased donors are listed with an asterisk.

Albright Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Bonnie E. Albright

Denny Apple Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Brewer

Baseball Scholarship Fund
Mr. Robert C. * and Mrs. Rose E. Schubert

Don Bird, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Carolyn S. Bird

Elva Brinson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ms. Dorothy I. Brinson

Rev. Elmer J. and E. Louise Brunton Scholarship Fund
Rev. Elmer J. Brunton
Mr. and Mrs. Todd S. Brunton
Derby First Church of the Nazarene
Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Drummond
Ms. T. Oleta Garvic
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gregg
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Hayes
Mrs. Jennifer Kennett
Mrs. Janice E. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Oelger
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. O'Neal
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Purl
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ronk
Dr. Lanette M. Sessink
Dr. and Mrs. C. Barth Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wehr

Brooks Butler Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Lell M. Arasim

The Campbell, Strong & McCalla Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Couch

Class of 1982 Scholarship Fund
Mr. Roger and Dr. Linda Alexander

Tom Cross Scholarship Fund
Mr. James W. Bodge

Diehl Scholarship Fund
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Diehl, Sr.
The Northern Trust Company

Fisher-Brown Family Scholarship Fund
Marceil Cloud
Ferrill R. & Cris Conant
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd R. Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Henriksen
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hirsh
Mr. and Mrs. Randy W. Jellison-Knock
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Smith
Ms. Leora Spitler

Clayton L. Ford Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Ford
Mrs. Cynthia P. Ford-Francis

Michelle Ellene Howard Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Howard

Rev. Glen Ide and Rev. Ernest Russell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rev. Glen and Dr. Brenda Shoup

V.H. and Esther Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ms. Donna Jones
Nails by Donna

Harry and Martha Lytle Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Martha Lytle

Master of Arts in Counseling Founders Scholarship Fund
Drs. Robert and Mary Fry
Mrs. Sharyl Howard
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lavendusky

Lottie B. McWherter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Lottie B. McWherter *

Donald S. Metz Scholarship Fund
Dr. and Mrs. H. Chris Halvorson

Missouri District NYI Scholarship Fund
Ms. Lisa R. Downs
Missouri District Church of the Nazarene

MNU Regional NYI Scholarship Fund
North Central Region NYI

Franklin M. and Susan K. Moore Endowment Fund
AMT Management, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Tollefson

Morsch Family Scholarship Fund
Church of the Nazarene Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Morsch

Emily Mozier Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. and Mrs. John O. Mozier, Sr.

Forrest Nash Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Edmond P. Nash

Rev. Robert and Ruby North Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. North, Sr.

Don and Adeline Owens Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Merritt R. Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney A. Conyers
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cook
Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Drummond
Dr. and Mrs. Martin H. Dunlap, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. James O. Edlin

Mrs. Beverly E. Gruver
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Inderhees
Mr. James A. Johannes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Johannes
Rev. and Mrs. Young Tae Kim
Korean Antioch Church of the Nazarene
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Y. Park
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Patch
Ms. Sherry Rakes
Ms. June Reed
Ms. Tammi D. Reed
Rocky Lamar's Fundamentally Driven Basketball Camp
Dr. and Mrs. C. Barth Smith
Ms. Barbara A. Stubbs
Ms. D. Elaine Wittler

John O. Palmer Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Belva L. Palmer

Ed and Ruth Range Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ms. Caryl E. Range

Rexroth Family Scholarship Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Rexroth

Diana Rouse and Tom Lytle Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Rouse
Jeffrey L. Rouse Rev. Trust

Lloyd and Ruby Schofield Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Lott
Mr. Lloyd E. and Mrs. Ruby J.*  Schofield

Mark Slattery Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Slattery, Jr.
State Farm Companies Foundation

Milton and Bernice Sougstad Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Myrna J. Little

T.J. and Lillian Spindle Memorial Scholarship Fund
Drs. Richard and Billy Spindle

John Stephens Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Janice I. Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Winston R. Stephens

Jean Theel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Theel

Thornton Family Scholarship Fund
Mr. Lewis C. Bode
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Borgmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Clegg
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cowden
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ewert
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Giroux
Ms. Vicki M. Grant
Dr. Patricia Hirner
James O'Donnell Funeral Home, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Janes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Newson, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Obermann
Ms. Sue Pio
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn J. Walley
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wright

Floyd and Nadine Timmons Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Riner
Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Timmons, Sr.
Ms. Julie S. Timmons

Lester and Nancy Tollie Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Lester L. Tollie, Jr.

John and Betty Lou Van Dyne Scholarship Fund
Rev. and Mrs. Steve Laswell
Sara Cortner Corp
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Tennis
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney N. Van Dyne


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