Honor Roll of Donors

Honors, Memorials and Bequests

Note: Alumni donors are listed in italics.

  • Honor Gifts

    MNU gratefully acknowledges receipt of gifts given in 2018 in honor of the following individuals:

    Mrs. Kathy R. Brobeck-Baumgartner
    Mrs. Tammy J. Bishop
    Capt. Tammie Jo Shults
    Mr. H.W. Timmons, Sr. and Mrs. Judith Timmons
    Mr. John and Mrs. Betty Lou Van Dyne

  • Memorial Gifts

    MNU gratefully acknowledges receipt of 24 gifts given in 2018 in memory of the following individuals:
    Note: Alumni listed in italics.

    Mrs. Marilyn V. Bennett
    Mrs. Linda Cain
    Rev. William Coulter, Jr.
    Dr. Robert J. Fisher
    Dr. Floyd O. Flemming
    Mr. James Lee Hagar
    Mrs. Anna Mary Mangiacotti Jackson
    Mr. Ted Latham
    Rev. Verdean F. Owens
    Rev. R.V. (Mow) Schultz
    Mr. Mark D. Slattery
    Mr. Robert W. Tarewicz
    Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) A. Taylor
    Mr. Carey Thomas
    Mr. Floyd and Mrs. Nadine Timmons
    Mr. Richard J. Turnbough

  • Estate Giving/Bequests

    MNU gratefully acknowledges receipt of bequests given in 2018 from the following estates:
    Note: Alumni listed in italics.

    Mr. and Mrs. Arden and Jessie Brokaw
    Mr. and Mrs. William and Louise Chamberlain
    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. and Estella E. Lewis
    Mr. and Mrs. W. LeRoy and Mildred McCurdy
    Dr. Lottie B. McWherter
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Dale and Doris J. Nitzel
    Mr. Marvin E. Riggs
    Mr. H. Sherwood Songer

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