Honor Roll of Donors

President's Circle

The President’s Circle honors the leadership and extraordinary support of alumni and friends for their cumulative giving over time.

Note: Deceased donors are listed with an asterisk;
Alumni donors are listed in italics.

  • Legacy Society

    The Legacy Society honors individuals who have contributed $1,000,000 or more cumulatively to MNU during their lifetime.

    Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Bell, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Buchanan
    Dr. D. Ray * and Mrs. D. Elaine Cook
    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Hostutler *
    Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. McIntire
    Dr. and Mrs. W. Edgar Moore *
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Osborne *
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Tollefson

  • Founder's Society

    The Founder's Society honors individuals who have contributed $500,000 - $999,999 cumulatively to MNU during their lifetime.

    Mr. L. Sam * and Mrs. Katherine M. Allega
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Austin
    Mr. and Mrs. Brent A. Barkman
    Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Burk *
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Dixon
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Doskocil
    Mr. Donald M. * and Mrs. Judith K. Eby
    Dr. and Mrs. H. Chris Halvorson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kramer *
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Moss
    Mr. and Mrs. F. Dale Quesenbury *
    Dr. Otto * and Mrs. Beulah Theel

  • Heritage Society

    The Heritage Society honors individuals who have contributed $100,000 - $499,999 cumulatively to MNU during their lifetime.

    Anonymous (4)
    Dr. Ronald C.* and Mrs. Bonnie E. Albright
    Dr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. William F. Bartels*
    Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Beard*
    Dr. and Mrs. James L. Bourland
    Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Brenneis*
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown*
    Dr. Kathy M.* and Mr. Joseph L. Buxie
    Mr. and Mrs. William Chamberlain*
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Cole
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith B. Cox
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Diddle
    Dr. Robert and Julie Drummond
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Eby

    Mrs. Fayra L. Eckley
    Mr. Towner Furry*
    Mr. and Mrs. Sidney E. Gholson
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Gilmore
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles Hager*
    Mr. Ramon K. Hamilton*
    Mr. and Mrs. Austin N. Heise
    Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie E. Hephner
    Mrs. F. Murdell Holbert*
    Mr. Rocky and Dr. Jo Lamar
    Dr. Harry* and Mrs. Martha Lytle
    Mr. and Mrs. David C. Martin
    Mr. Grant A. May*
    Dr. and Mrs. Gary Morsch
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Mullins
    Dr. and Mrs. Philip L. Newlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Nunamaker, Jr.

    Mrs. Elsie M. O'Connell*
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V. Oddo*
    Mr. Virgil P. Ramsey*
    Ms. Caryl E. Range
    Dr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Rexroth
    Dr. and Mrs. C. Barth Smith
    Mrs. Ella L. Smith*
    Dr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Smith
    Dr. Marvin D.* and Mrs. V. Arlene Snowbarger
    Mr. Ralph F. Snowbarger* and Mrs. Elsie M. Snowbarger-Stafford
    Ms. Cornelia Stumpf
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Stumpf
    Mr. Patrick H. Thiessen*
    Mrs. Alta L. Trimpa*
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Uphaus*
    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Webb
    Mr. Chad and Dr. N. Jeannie Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Wood

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Woodbeck, Sr.*

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