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Professional and Graduate Student Success

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Financial Aid can Help

Our Financial Aid office can help with any questions you have about reducing your tuition costs.

Visit our financial aid pages here. 

Student success

The Student Success Center for the School of Professional and Graduate Studies offers streamlined, user-friendly services and resources to help our degree completion and graduate students navigate the various components of higher education. Our services focus on advising, registrar services, and student satisfaction. Student resources include tutoring, research tools, writing assistance, and counseling.   

We help with questions such as: 

  • Is my employer a corporate partner and do I receive a tuition discount?
  • How do I request a schedule change or add/drop a class?
  • I know someone who is interested in attending. Who should they call?
  • Who is my advisor and what is their contact information?
  • How do I access the University’s counseling programs?
  • Why do I have a hold on my account?
  • Where do I sign up for tutoring?
  • I am having trouble with my log-in password. What do I do?


Your advising team is available to answer or discuss any topic important to you. They can help you overcome obstacles that might cause an interruption in your educational pursuits. We understand that life: family, career, and everyday responsibilities do not stop for education. However, MNU provides support and will help you persevere. Our goal is to reflect Christ in the support, resources and services we provide to our degree-completion and graduate students and their families.

Moodle is the Learning Management System that MNU students utilize. In Moodle you will find where: Instructors communicate with students, classmates can communicate with one another, assignments are submitted, grades are posted, and how to get help. Moodle helps 24/7/365 and gives a toll-free number or live chat to assist.

We look forward to helping you accomplish your academic goals! 


Director of Partnerships and Student Success
Student Success Advisor
Student Success Advisor
Student Success Advising Manager


The Academic Success Center staff can help with tutoring in select subject areas. Tutoring resources are also available online, 24/7 through Smarthinking. Writing, Research, and Citation Help can be requested. In addition, Trained students can answer questions related to printing, Moodle, email, Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), OneDrive (cloud file storage), wi-fi access, and operating systems. They can help with many laptop and tablet issues, but cannot reinstall software, solve computer virus problems, or perform hardware repairs. There is a lot they can do, though, so when in doubt, please ask!


MidAmerica Nazarene University uses Handshake as its official resume and job posting service. The site is available 24/7 to students, alumni, and employers. With Handshake, students quickly apply to jobs and Internship opportunities posted exclusively for you, and search other opportunities via national job boards. Create and upload your resume and career portfolio to make available to employers. Access our events calendar, and career/job search advice documents, podcasts, videos and more. Review Career Fair information and company recruitment visits. Employers search for talented students and alumni, and post unlimited jobs for free.

If you’re not sure where to turn, remember, your SPGS blue help button in Moodle will connect you to your Student Success Team. 100% hands-on personal care coupled with a small student-to-faculty ratio you are bound for success.