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Degree-Completion Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Management and Leadership in Business

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Looking to increase your skills and credentials with a bachelor’s degree in management? Have an interest in business? Look no further than this accelerated bachelor's program with courses in operations, management, communication, project management, data analysis and business law.

Our People are the difference

Our faculty and staff know how difficult starting or resuming college can be. With a Christlike mindset, we are here to support your success throughout your program.


We also have options to earn an emphasis in one of two other areas:


  • Fulfill 45* credit hours
  • Customized schedule based on your needs
  • Attend classes in Olathe and online

Designed for working adults seeking to earn a bachelor’s degree in an accelerated format, our program combines coursework matching your career goals with focused classes in management and leadership.

These programs are for working adults with at least 45 transferable hours of college credit. Our advisors will craft your schedule with core courses in management and leadership and include coursework in your chosen specialization. Advisors consider your projected start date, transfer hours, number of hours needed to graduate and your preferences. It’s all about what works for you. Some of your courses will be online and some will be onsite.

This online format offers a set of course curricula that is already planned just for you. All you need to do is simply follow the planned courses and you’ll be on your way to earning your Bachelor Degree



Enrolling now! For information on available dates and times, please contact us at 913-971-3800 or at

For information on our priority application deadlines and registration deadlines, please contact us at 913-971-3800 or at today!


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You have no idea how helpful every single professor is at MNU. They make themselves available. I know they really want me to succeed.

Ada Martinez-Medina
Applied Organizational Leadership Graduate
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Melissa Smith
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