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Postgraduate Reading Specialist Certificate

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Our Reading Specialist Certificate is designed to teach you how to provide targeted instruction on teaching literacy.

Our People are the difference

Our faculty and staff know how difficult starting or resuming college can be. With a Christlike mindset, we are here to support your success throughout your program.


  • Meets online
  • Fulfill 20 credit hours at $429 per credit hour
  • Complete your certificate in 18 months
  • Attend classes online

Candidates who already have a master’s degree may complete courses to qualify for the Kansas Reading Specialist License. Licensure-only students are required to complete three components of the program: coursework, two Literacy Perspectives Papers (LPP), and completion of PRAXIS II Reading Specialist Content Test. All courses are offered online.

A mobile, web-based curriculum allows you to complete the certification fully online. Working adults choose our online program because it offers the freedom to work on your certificate anytime, anywhere.

Our certificate is fully accredited by KSDE, and courses are taught by highly-qualified, experienced instructors. Our instructors enhance their lessons with podcasts, vodcasts, social networking, wikis, and other electronic delivery technology. You’ll engage in real-time webcasts throughout the program using virtual collaboration tools like Adobe Connect, allowing for asynchronized and synchronized learning each week.

All reading specialist courses are enhanced with the Science of Reading which prepares students to:

  • Integrate the four-part processing system of proficient reading and writing in daily instruction.
  • Explain and apply aspects of cognition and behavior that affect reading and writing development.
  • Explain major research findings (i.e., The Simple View of Reading, Scarborough’s Rope) regarding the contribution of linguistic and cognitive factors to the prediction of literacy outcomes.
  • Apply the general principles of structured literacy teaching, including explicit, systematic, cumulative, teacher-directed instruction.
  • Apply higher levels of literacy including syntax, paragraph organization, and discourse structure in daily instruction.

If you’re looking for a school where you can earn your Reading Specialist Certificate, contact MNU today.


May 2023

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MNU works diligently to stay on the cutting edge with innovative programming. Students are taught by highly qualified faculty who hold terminal degrees.

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