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Program Costs

Concerned about the cost of a degree at MNU? We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Compared to other schools in the market with the same programs, MNU is as competitive as they come. There is no mystery when it comes to cost—we include all fees in the document* provided below. When you’re doing your research, you’ll know what to expect and be able to make an informed decision. The only cost not included in the information below is related to textbooks, since you have the freedom to purchase them where it is most convenient for you!

*2017-2018 pricing. Does not include additional fees and charges. These vary on a program-by-program basis. Contact the Admissions Office for details. Download the 2017-2018 School of Professional & Graduate Studies cost grid.

Degree-Completion Program Costs
Program Name Cost per Credit Hour*
Associate of Arts [Online, On-site or Business] $199
B.S. Nursing [ABSN] $553
B.A. in Applied Organizational Leadership $410
B.A. in Business Administration $410 [upper-level courses]
$199 [lower-level courses]
Accelerated Elementary Education Program $379
RN-BSN $418 [on-site or online]
RN-MSN $418 [BSN hours on-site or online]
$494 [MSN hours on-site]; $507 [MSN hours online]

Graduate Program Costs
Program Name Cost per Credit Hour*
Master of Science in Management $570
Master of Business Administration [Online or On-site] $570
Master of Arts in Counseling $594
Master of Education [ESOL, Technology or Reading] $394
Master of Science in Nursing [MSN] $494 [on-site]; $507 [online]
MSN/MBA $507 [MSN hours]; $570 [MBA hours]

Certificate Program Costs
Program Name Cost per Credit Hour*
Play Therapy $341
Sexual Addictions Treatment Provider $341
Teaching Online $394
TEFL $394
Continuing Education for Teacher Licensure Varies. See Continuing Education for details.
Nursing Certificates $485 [on-site]; $507 [online]


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