Accelerated 4+1 MBA Dual Degree Program

Program Overview

Are you an undergraduate student wishing to significantly increase your earning potential and gain a competitive advantage in the job market? MNU can help prepare you with only 1 additional year of study.

you Should Know

  • Meets on-site, and online
  • Complete two degrees—bachelor and graduate—in as little as 5 years
  • 8 week classes

ACBSP logoBy completing the 4+1 MBA Program you not only save 1 year of graduate tuition, but you also potentially gain an additional year of a more lucrative MBA-level salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with an MBA make an average of $11,000 more a year than those with just a bachelor’s degree. Rather than spending 4 years working on your bachelor’s degree and another 2 years working on an MBA, plan early and begin taking MBA courses in your undergraduate senior year at MNU. This is a fast track option for a variety of majors—not just business majors—who are achievement oriented and want to interact with managers who are already in the corporate world.

At MNU, our MBA program emphasizes ethical business values which are the foundation of the program. Special courses hone specific skills in project management, finance, and strategy. You'll pursue your undergraduate courses for the first 3 years. If you are within the final thirty (30) credit hours needed to graduate, you will be permitted to complete two (2) graduate courses* for dual credit, totaling no more than six (6) credit hours which can then be applied towards your major or minor in Accounting or Business, and counted as upper-division elective hours. In order to complete the MBA in one year, you'll need to take 2 courses (on-site or online) concurrently with your undergraduate coursework.

upcoming start dates*

  • August 2018

*For information on our priority application deadlines and registration deadlines, please contact us at 913-971-3800 or at

Cost & Value

A degree from MNU is a competitively priced, affordable option designed for students with a busy schedule. We’re here to help you find the best options to assist you as you work toward earning your degree.

  • Credit Hours: 36 total
  • Onsite & Online Tuition: $589/credit hour* *Prices effective July 1, 2018 for new starts.

Payment Options

Your degree is an investment in your future. We have a variety of different payment options available, so you can choose the option or combination of options, that best fits your situation. Total cost, including fees and tuition, will be calculated based on your program, and can be divided into multiple payments.
The Federal Direct Student Loan Program is an additional payment option. MNU School Code: 007032. Information and applications may be obtained from the Student Financial Aid Services Office at (913) 971-3298 or

Family Education Discount

MNU partners with many metro companies, organizations, and schools to provide reduced education costs for employees. With these partnerships, employees and some immediate family members can receive a discount on the Master in Business Administration (MBA) Program.

Military/Veteran Financial Aid

MNU appreciates the service and protection that the Military provides for us all. We offer a Military Financial Aid Program that can help active military, veterans and their spouses reposition themselves in the working world.



Our faculty and staff bring real world experience and expertise to the classroom and with a Christlike mindset, we are here to support your success throughout your program.

Request Information

Please speak with your MNU undergraduate academic advisor if you are interested in applying for the accelerated 4+1 MBA Dual Degree program.